Wordpress hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular free content management systems with open source code. WordPress maintains a large number of ready-made templates and modules, allowing you to choose the design and make a website of any degree of complexity. The Internet contains a vast amount of information and communities, which enables even a novice user to understand easily how to create a website on Wordpress..

Ukrnames company provides a special hosting for WordPress with server settings for fast and stable running of website on Wordpress CMS.

After the activation of the hosting account, you can install Wordpress CMS just in two clicks, using Installatron. If you already have a site on Wordpress, just copy website data on hosting via FTP.

If you have any questions about website transfer, please contact us. Technical support experts will help you to move and customize your site.

Advantages of WordPress:

  • easy installation, system configuration;
  • support of RSS, Atom, trackback, pingback;
  • wide choice of plugins having simple system of interaction with CMS code;
  • quick change of themes with editable ability through the administrative area;
  • content publishing by using third-party programs and services;
  • customizable, friendly URLs;
  • Russian and Ukrainian translations.

Wordpress official website : http://ru.wordpress.org