Domain Transfer

To start a transfer, type domains each in a new line separated by comma or space.

Up to 30 Domains

Frequently asked questions about the transfer

What is a transfer?

Transfer is a procedure for transferring domain maintenance between registrars. The transfer procedure is similar to transferring a mobile phone number between operators - you keep the same number, but you pay for service to the new registrar. For gTLD domains, the transfer can be performed no more than once every 60 days, during each new transfer, the registration period is extended by one year.

Is the transfer chargeable?

For almost all domains, the transfer is a paid procedure. When transferring, the domain registration period is extended by 1 year from the previous expiration date.

Can there be a transfer without extending the check-in period?

No. In any case, the transfer is accompanied by an extension. There are cases when the old registrar makes an extension during the ARGP period and immediately after that the transfer begins. If the previous registrar does not confirm the renewal in ARGP, the domain is renewed only once (during the transfer). In this case, after the transfer is completed, you should contact the previous registrar to return the payment for renewing the domain registration

How long does the transfer take?

In general, the transfer lasts 5 calendar days. If you want to speed up the transfer - contact the losing registrar.

What is required to start the transfer?

In order to apply for a transfer, you need to get a secret domain code (AUTH-code) from the previous registrar and ask him to remove the transfer restrictions. The resulting AUTH-code can be set in the next step, after entering the domain on this page. After filling out the application, the system will automatically offer to pay for the transfer. As soon as payment is received, the transfer will begin.

Is it possible to change the NS or renew the domain while the transfer is in progress?

After the transfer starts, the domain receives the pendingTransfer status. While this status is in effect, it is impossible to perform any actions with the domain (including changing NS, renewal, deletion, status changes).

What are the transfer restrictions?

To perform the transfer, the domain must meet the following criteria: at least 60 days have passed since the registration, the previous transfer; the domain registration period has not expired; the domain has no transfer restrictions - clientTransferProhibited.

Losing registrar requests registrar ID of Ukrnames

For .UA domains, our registrar ID is: ua.ukrnames, for gTLD and newGTLD domains - IANA ID 1436, for .УКР domains - ukrnames.