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Here you can buy high-quality web hosting in Europe for the site. 5 days trial - free!

Fast SSD and NVMe drives

24/7 Support

DDOS protection

Data center of your choice

first ssd

Convenient tariff for one site

180 ₴ / month

Save 323 ₴ when paid annually



SSD Storage

2 Gb







5 websites ssd

Web Hosting for a group of sites

240 ₴ / month

Save 432 ₴ when paid annually



SSD Storage

5 Gb







ukrnames gift domain for a year for free

unlimited ssd

Web Hosting without limits

401 ₴ / month

Save 720 ₴ when paid annually



SSD Storage

10 Gb







ukrnames gift domain for a year for free

Ukrnames cpanel

cPanel is one of the most famous and powerful hosting management systems. cPanel has worldwide recognition, is used by the largest providers.

Benefits of cPanel

  • Email on your domain, anti-spam, anti-virus scanner
  • Backup and file management
  • Easy installation SSL Certificates for any subscriber
  • Easy installation of CMS (WordPress, Joomla) and more

Domain for a year for free

When ordering hosting plans 5 SITES SSD or UNLIMITED SSD for the first year, a preferential domain name registration is provided in any of the zones: укр, com.ua, kiev.ua, dp.ua, in.ua. You can try hosting from Ukrnames for free within 5 days - by ordering a trial web hosting.

All tariff plans include:

cPanel hosting control panel

Web Hosting Options

Technical resources of each hosting account

Money Back Guarantee

Reliable equipment

Support for popular CMS



Parking domains (aliases)


Server Locations

France, Poland, Germany

Control panel


Support PHP

5.6 - 8.2 (MultiPHP)

PHP memory_limit

512 Mb

Support CURL

Ability to remotely connect to MySQL


Multilingual control panel

Support IPv6

FTP User Management

Support SSI

Support CGI

Visitor statistics, logging

Email Web interface

Anti-spam protection

Maximum server load

no more 5 %

Maximum Concurrent RAM Usage

512 Mb

Maximum duration of a query to MySQL

30 sec

Maximum number of disk operations

20 operations/sec

Fast Web Hosting on SSD and NVMe drives

Website performance will like your visitors and search engines

Ukrnames offers quality hosting powered by ultra-fast drives.

Thanks to the use of new generation hard disks, hosting will provide faster operation of your websites, Email, databases.

Slow website loading speed can negatively affect search engine promotion, user bounce rate. The loading speed of a site on a web hosting is 5 times higher than when using a regular web hosting, and therefore such a site is more attractive to search engines and visitors. When using high-performance disks on servers, the speed of sites becomes higher, and due to energy savings, the price of web hosting remains affordable.

  • In addition to the high speed of loading sites, you also get a lot of advantages when working with web hosting - this is a convenient control panel, the choice of the data center where the site will be hosted, as well as protection against DDOS attacks.
  • Web Hosting servers are located in Ukrnames DC (Ukraine) and OVH data centers (Poland, France, Germany).
Frequently Asked Questions about Web Hosting

How is web hosting different from a server?

The web hosting is pre-configured for the performance of most popular CMS (such as Wordpress). With the Hosting service - you can upload your website files to the server and start working right away. With your own server, you will need to do the initial setup yourself. For example, you can set a longer script execution time, the amount of allocated memory, and so on. Such a setup requires ordering the services of a system administrator before the site loaded on the server starts working.

What are the types of web hosting?

The main types of web hosting are shared hosting (virtual hosting), virtual dedicated server (VDS), dedicated server (dedicated). Shared hosting is a server pre-configured to run numerous, diverse scripts (CMS) of various users. VDS - each user is allocated a part of the server with a separate operating system. Dedicated - the user is provided with a separate server with a separate operating system.

What does the word hosting mean?

Web Hosting is a resource provision service for hosting a website on a physical server.

What is web hosting in simple words?

When you open any website, the browser displays text, images, videos, and various forms of input. In order for this to happen, web hosting is required - a server on which data is stored permanently connected to the Internet.

Can I create my own web hosting?

To create your own web hosting, you need a VDS or a dedicated server. Using server resources, you can install one of the many control panels (cPanel, VestaCP, DirectAdmin, etc.), delimit resources with tariff plans, and start hosting sites.

What is better virtual server or web hosting?

Depending on the tasks, each of the services has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of hosting include - low price, no need to configure anything, quick launch of the website. The main advantages of a virtual server are - the possibility of individual settings, dedicated resources, the ability to install your own programs.

What does the number of sites on web hosting mean?

The “number of sites” web hosting parameter shows how many individual websites can be hosted within one hosting plan. If you have more than one website, it's convenient to manage their settings through a single account.

Do I need to buy web hosting with a domain?

If you buy web hosting along with a domain, the first year of domain registration will be free. In addition, if you purchase a domain and hosting at the same time, the domain name will automatically be configured for hosting.

Can I change my web hosting server country?

Yes it is possible. Upon request to our customer support, you can change the country where the web hosting server for your site is located.

What NS should be used to set up a hosted domain?

To set up a web hosting domain, use NS: ns1.host.ukrnames.com, ns2.host.ukrnames.com

Can I change the tariff without losing data?

Tariff change without data loss is possible. From a higher tariff to a lower one, provided that the lower tariff has enough disk space for the files that the site already occupies.

How often are web hosting backups taken?

The frequency of backups is approximately every 4-7 days. 2-3 versions of site backups are stored. You can review, download or restore the site from a backup at any time in cPanel

Can I change my cPanel web hosting account login?

Unfortunately no. The login is generated automatically when you create an account. In the future, no change.

Error when configuring PHPMailer: 535 Incorrect authentication data

This is a common mistake, check if the login and password for the mail account are set correctly (the account must be previously created on the server). Mail account login is Email in full.

Can you install an SSL certificate for my hosted website?

Yes, we can do it upon your request, free of charge. Please note that the free SSL installation service only applies to paid certificates (not Let's Encrypt).

.htaccess file not showing

You can check if the file exists in the cPanel control panel - File manager - Settings - Show hidden

Forgot cPanel password

You can recover your cPanel access password in your personal account on the ukrnames.com website or upon request to our support team.

Can I change the PHP version for my site myself?

Yes it is possible. In cPanel, Multi-PHP section, you can choose the PHP version for any of the sites in your account. Starting from PHP version 5.6 and above.