Web Hosting in Ukraine

By choosing hosting in Ukraine, your website will be located closer to your audience, which leads to faster page loading and improved user experience.




Own Datacenter


15Gb disk, 1 website, unlimited database

225 ₴ / month

Save 1349 ₴ when paid annually



SSD Storage

15 Gb








25Gb disk, 5 websites, unlimited databases

420 ₴ / month

Save 2520 ₴ when paid annually



SSD Storage

25 Gb








35Gb disk, 10 websites, unlimited databases

600 ₴ / month

Save 3600 ₴ when paid annually



SSD Storage

35 Gb







Ukrnames cpanel

An intuitive and user-friendly interface to manage your website and server settings without the need for in-depth knowledge of web hosting.

cPanel Benefits

  • Easy website management
  • Extensive functionality
  • Automated processes
  • Reliability and support

50% discount when ordering for 1 year

When ordering hosting for 1 year, you get a favorable discount, which allows you to save a significant amount on maintaining your website. Get long-term stability at a bargain price.

Web hosting plans include:

  • Strong disk space
  • Automatic backup to another data center
  • Quick installation of popular CMS
  • Only current and new software versions

Web Hosting Control Panel

Technical characteristics of hosting in Ukraine

The service works on the basis of Cisco, HP, Juniper equipment

Money Back Guarantee

Modern equipment

Support for popular PHP CMS



Parking domains (aliases)


Location of servers

Ukraine (Kharkiv), IP for testing:

Control panel


PHP support

PHP 7.x-8.x

PHP memory_limit

512 Mb

CURL Support

Ability to remotely connect to MySQL


Multilingual control panel

Support IPv6

FTP user management

Support SSI

Support CGI

Visitor statistics, logging

Email Web interface

Anti-spam protection

Maximum server load

no more 5%

Maximum Concurrent RAM Usage

512 Mb

Maximum duration of a query to MySQL

30 sec

Maximum number of disk operations

20 operations/sec

Fast and stable SSD hosting

SSD drives are high speed reading and writing data, which provides a significant improvement in the performance and responsiveness of websites and applications.

Ukrnames offers a new type of hosting powered by ultra-fast SSD drives

SSD drives speed up website response times, improving web hosting performance, as well as reducing database query processing times, making websites and applications more responsive and efficient.

A slow loading site can result in a poor user experience. Visitors who experience long loading times may become impatient and leave the site, leading to a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate can also negatively impact SEO.

  • Compared to conventional hard drives, SSDs provide much faster data access, which is especially important when processing large amounts of information, such as when working with multimedia files or scientific computing.
  • Сервера ssd хостинга расположены в собственном дата центре OHP (Украина, Харьков): мы гарантируем стабильный и безопасный хостинг с Uptime 99,9 и круглосуточной техподдержкой.
Frequently Asked Questions about Web Hosting

What are the main advantages of hosting with cPanel in Ukraine?

Hosting with cPanel in Ukraine provides lower latency and faster website access for Ukrainian audiences. It also allows you to improve the SEO ranking in search engines for Ukrainian users.

What are your security measures to protect my site?

Our servers provide multiple layers of protection including firewalls, antivirus software and regular data backups to ensure your site is secure. However, do not forget about the need to update plugins and website components in a timely manner - most website hacks occur precisely because of untimely updates.

What does the word Hosting mean?

The word “hosting” in a general sense means the provision of services for hosting and maintaining websites or applications on servers accessible via the Internet. Hosting providers provide physical or virtual space on a server to host files and databases, making the site accessible to users online.

In a narrower context, "hosting" can refer to services provided by companies that provide server space and other resources to store website files and data, making them available on the Internet 24/7. Hosting can be shared (shared), virtual (VPS), dedicated (dedicated) and cloud (cloud hosting), each of which has its own characteristics and levels of resource management.

Is the latest version of PHP supported on your hosting?

Yes, we always try to keep the latest version of PHP on our servers to ensure high performance and security. The minimum PHP version on our hosting in Ukraine is 7.x, the current version is 8.x, you can change the PHP version.

Do you provide a free SSL certificate?

Yes, we provide free SSL certificates for 90 days for any domain hosted on our servers. For permanent use, we recommend using a paid SSL certificate.

Can I expand my hosting plan in the future?

Yes, you can upgrade your hosting plan at any time to get more resources or functionality. The unused balance of the prepayment on the old hosting plan will be counted towards the payment of the new plan.

What CMS (content management systems) do you support?

We support almost all popular CMS, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including bank cards, electronic payment systems and bank transfers. You can get detailed information on the page "Methods of payment for services"

Can I change my hosting country?

Yes, it's possible. Upon request to our customer support, you can change the country where the hosting server for your site is located. Please note that each hosting location has different tariff plans.

What NS should be used to set up a hosted domain?

To set up a hosting domain, use NS: ns1.host.ukrnames.com, ns2.host.ukrnames.com

Do you have a data backup system?

Yes, we regularly back up our customer data to ensure it is secure and recoverable if needed.

Can you help me migrate my website to your hosting?

Yes, our technical support team will be happy to help you migrate your site to our hosting.

Do you support MySQL database?

Yes, we support the MySQL database, which is a popular choice for most web applications.

Do you have the ability to add additional domains?

Yes, you can add additional domains to your account as part of your chosen hosting plan.

What are your options for monitoring website performance?

We provide monitoring tools that allow you to track the performance of your site, such as traffic statistics, resource usage, etc.

Do you provide a free domain when buying hosting?

For hosting plans in Ukraine, we do not provide free domain registration when ordering hosting. Instead, a discount is provided - 50% from the annual hosting price. The amount of money saved thanks to the discount will allow you to register a domain in almost any domain zone.

What is your server availability level (uptime)?

We strive to ensure a high level of server availability (uptime) and stable hosting operation, close to 100%.

What measures are taken to protect against DDoS attacks on your hosting?

We use a variety of DDoS protection technologies and systems to keep your site running smoothly, even under attack. However, for effective protection against DDoS attacks, we recommend using specialized services such as CloudFlare