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    • Kharkov: +380(57)no skype addon782-03-86
    • Life: +380(93)no skype addon605-60-06
    • MTS: +380(99)no skype addon429-60-06
    • Kyivstar: +380(96)no skype addon912-60-06
    • Finance: +380(57)no skype addon762-61-23, +380(99)no skype addon300-00-51 (пн-пт, 10:00-17:00)
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    • United Kingdom: +44(20)no skype addon3298-41-31 ext. 84851
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    • Latvia: +371(67)no skype addon88-15-29 ext. 84851
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    • Israel: +972(2)no skype addon569-50-85 ext. 84851

Buy domain and Hosting from Ukrnames

Domain registration

Enter the domain, such as newcorp or  company and select needed domain zones:
489 UAH.
1820 UAH.
383 UAH.
370 UAH.
321 UAH.
521 UAH.
492 UAH.
558 UAH.
780 UAH.
563 UAH.
525 UAH.
360 UAH.
450 UAH.
630 UAH.
from 150 UAH / month
FREE domain name
User friendly control panel
Unlimited traffic
PHP, MySQL support
Instant activation
Regular backup
Included in the UA-IX
CMS installation in 1-click!
New opportunities for your online shop!
SSL Certificates from the leading global Certification Authorities
A high level of customer confidence
Compatible with credit card payment
Up to 15 pct. discount when making an order for several years
Issued in 5 min.!
first month -50%
Own servers with high speed connection
Vast choice of operating systems, instant activation
KVM - administration included!

Dedicated servers in datacenter Ukrnames

Конфигурация Доступно Цена в месяц
CPU: x2 ядра
HDD: 1x500GB
Сеть: 1 Gbps
Трафик: 25Tb
iLO: no
IPv4: 1 pc.
1 pc. 1246 UAH
CPU: 2x Xeon E5 2620 2,00 GHz (6 Cores)
HDD: 2x 1000Gb SATA (HW RAID)
Сеть: 1 Gbps
Трафик: 25Tb
iLO: yes
IPv4: 2 pc.
1 pc. 2970 UAH
CPU: 1x Xeon E3 1230v2 3,30 GHz (4 Cores)
HDD: 1x 120Gb SSD
Сеть: 1 Gbps
Трафик: 25Tb
iLO: no
IPv4: 32 pc.
1 pc. 3330 UAH
CPU: 2x Xeon E5 2630v2 2,60 GHz (6 Cores)
HDD: 2x 1000 Gb SSD
Сеть: 1 Gbps
Трафик: 25Tb
iLO: yes
IPv4: 2 pc.
1 pc. 4500 UAH
CPU: 2x Xeon E5-2670 v3
HDD: 2x 480Gb SSD
Сеть: 1 Gbps
Трафик: 25Tb
iLO: yes
IPv4: 2 pc.
1 pc. 6000 UAH
CPU: 2x Xeon E5 2667 v2 3,30 GHz (8 Cores)
RAM: 128 GB DDR3
HDD: 2x 1000 Gb SSD
Сеть: 1 Gbps
Трафик: 25Tb
iLO: yes
IPv4: 2 pc.
1 pc. 7500 UAH
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News and Announcements

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Аренда физического VPN маршрутизатора - новая услуга Ukrnames.com


Welcome to the 8P Internet Marketing Conference!


The January Business Conference will be held in Lviv


  • Ukrnames provides a fully automated domain name registration service. You can choose and register a domain in more than 250 domain zones.
  • When registering a domain, you can use free services: Anycast DNS, Web forwarding, Email forwarding, two-factor SMS authentication, the ability to transfer a domain name between accounts, and much more.
  • For domainers, professional tools are available: Backorder, Lists of expiring and free domains with Google PageRank.


  • Ukrnames offers professional paid hosting services for hosting sites. The company has its own equipment in a number of data centers, and also owns a data center in Kharkov (Ukraine).
  • The company's clients can choose the location of hosting servers (Kharkiv, Kiev, France, Germany, USA), PHP version and control panel, based on the preferences or technical requirements of the site. In the process of using hosting, you can change the tariff plan and / or location (data center).
  • The customer support service works around the clock, seven days a week. If you have any questions, you can at any time seek qualified assistance in a way convenient for you.

How to buy a domain and hosting?

To buy a domain and hosting, go to ukrnames.com , first select the domain you like, then the system will offer to add hosting to it. At the ordering stage, you can choose the smallest hosting tariff, in the future it will be possible to automatically expand it if necessary.

Where to buy a domain and hosting?

The most convenient way is to buy a domain and hosting in one place. it allows you to better monitor the renewal, also when ordering a domain and hosting at the same time discounts are provided. You can buy a domain and hosting at ukrnames.com

What is a domain?

Domain is the address of a website on the Internet. There are several main criteria for choosing a good domain:

  • the new domain should not be spelling similar to any well-known brand.
  • the domain name should be easy to hear.
  • the easier it is to write a domain and the more accurately it reflects the essence of the site, the better.

What is hosting?

Hosting is the place on the server where the site is hosted. The main types of hosting are - shared hosting and VDS. Shared hosting is suitable for the normal operation of most sites, software is used software with standard settings. The cost of virtual hosting is lower than VDS. VDS is a hosting with advanced features for the client. Convenient when the site needs any special software settings, greater level of isolation from other sites, separate IP address and own operating system with personal security policies.

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