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Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Names

Benefits of registering a domain with Ukrnames

Ukrnames is the official registrar in most of the domain zones that are presented on the site. it very important for the client, since interaction with domains will take place without intermediaries - faster and cheaper.

On our website, you can check and register a domain automatically. The system allows you to use the domain almost instantly after payment. Registration of a domain does not require the provision of documents, but, in the same time - it is very important to provide reliable contact information about yourself.

The price of the domain registration service includes:

  • DNS editor with the ability to manage records A, CNAME, MX, TXT, AAAA and others.
  • Web and Email forwarding, for temporary domain forwarding
  • Name Servers, Glue Records, Domain Contacts management functions
  • Ability to transfer domain between accounts
  • Domain auto-renewal feature
  • Privacy Protection
  • Renewal reminder system
  • 24/7 support

Terms of domain registration?

Domains are registered according to the principle: “first paid - first received a domain”. This means that as long as the domain is free, an unlimited number of people can check or apply for registration at any registrar. But, the domain will be registered only in the name of the one who pays first. For this reason, if you have chosen a beautiful free domain, do not delay the registration fee, as someone else may try to register the same domain at the same time as you. If for any reason after payment it was not possible to register a domain, the funds paid will be returned in full.

Can .UA domains be registered only by trademark owners of the same name?

It really is. According to registration rules for .UA domains, you can register a .UA domain only if you have a Trademark of the same name valid on territory of Ukraine. It can be a Ukrainian Trademark or an international Trademark registered under the Madrid Protocol.

In addition to the condition of having a Trademark, there are requirements for the transliteration of Cyrillic letters included under the trademark protection into Latin. This means that if you have, for example, the trademark “Олія”, you will be able to register the names: Olihja, Olija, Oliia (any one from the list or all at once). But it will be impossible to register “Oliya”.

You can check the available transliteration options for your TM with our customer support.

How long does it take to register a domain?

Upon receipt of payment, the system automatically sends an application for domain registration to the registry. GTLD, newGTLD, Ukrainian domains - are registered almost instantly. Domains requiring trademark verification (.UA) are registered within 1 to 14 days, but in fact the right of priority for a domain registration application appears on the day the order is paid. For some foreign domains, before the application is sent to the registry, the client receives an email with a link to verify the authenticity of the mailing address. After Email is confirmed, the domain registration application is submitted to the registry.

When do you need to register a domain?

A domain is the primary and unique identifier for any website. Therefore, if you decide to create a website, the domain must be registered (reserved) in advance. The creation of the site may take an indefinite time, but the domain will already be reserved for you. Also, it is convenient to keep the domain and hosting in one place - from one provider. Thus, you will save time on service payments, you will have a unified domain and hosting management system, and you will not forget to renew one of the services.