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Home   Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers in Ukrnames Data Center

Processor RAM HDD Network Traffic
Price per month
AMD Dual-Core 2x3.00 GHz 4 GB DDR3 1x500 GB SATA 100 Mbit/s 5TB
1059 UAH
AMD FX Quad-Core 4x3.80 GHz 8 GB DDR3 2x500 GB SATA 100 Mbit/s 5TB
1683 UAH
AMD FX Octo-Core 8x3.60 GHz 16 GB DDR3 2x500 GB SATA 100 Mbit/s 5Tb
1714 UAH
Intel Core i3 2x3.20 GHz 4 GB DDR3 2x500 GB SATA 100 Mbit/s 5TB
1521 UAH
Intel Core i5 4x3.00 GHz 8 GB DDR3 2x500 GB SATA 100 Mbit/s 5TB
2190 UAH
Intel Core i7 4x3.40 GHz HT 16 GB DDR3 2x500 GB SATA 100 Mbit/s 5TB
2801 UAH
Want customized configuration?

Configuration of branded server according to your choice

Select the desired server configuration, which will be ready for use within 1-3 working days. If you doubt what configuration to choose, please contact us.

Control panel

Dedicated servers


What is dedicated server?

    Dedicated server — a type of hosting in which the client rents an entire server, not shared with anyone else. This service guarantees 100 percent availability of your computing resources.
    Dedicated hosting allows you to install and to configure software to your own particular needs. You maintain a complete control and 24/7 administrative access to the server.
    Server rent cost includes the initial server setup, server load monitoring and 24/7 support. Upon client's request the service of an individual installation and configuration of software modules is available (partial or advanced administration).
    Dedicated hosting solves the problem with expensive equipment purchasing and its component replacement. Our company is ready to provide you with all needed technical support.

For which sites?

    Dedicated hosting is a good fit for websites receiving lots of traffic or for ones with individual system requirements.It can also help to ensure that other customers' websites don't impact on your website. Dedicated server is the best solution for projects requiring great amount of resources and for hosting resellers.
    Server of chosen configuration will be installed and located in Ukrnames data center within one working day. Our data center includes professional network equipment, modern system of remote allocation, uninterpretable power supply and power backup, CCTV monitoring and security,which guarantees a reliable placement of your server.

Additional equipment

  • Additional SATA HDD with 500 GB
  • Additional 4 GB
  • Additional 8 GB
  • Additional SSD with 64 GB
  • additional SSD with 128 GB
  • LSI or Adaptec RAID controller
  • Additional Intel network card

Advantages of dedicated server

  • Inclusion in UA-IX, DE-CIX, MSK-IX
  • 2 payment included IP addresses (one is activated during setup, the second - upon the request and is free of charge)
  • Separation of additional IP from different C class networks
  • A Place for backups — 10 GB on a single server in other DC (if necessary, additional place can be ordered)
  • Rent included traffic - 5Tb per month on 100Mb / s connection speed. In case of excess, reduce of the connection speed is up to 10Mbit / s.
  • Reboot and IP KVM providing upon request.

About Ukrnames Datacenter

  • Double power line redundancy.
  • Diesel-engine generator with automatic start system.
  • Modern air conditioning and fire fighting system.
  • 5 + individual connections to different providers.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Biometric Access Control System.
  • CCTV, security.
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