Colocation in a data center Ukrnames

Ideal conditions for the smooth operation of the server - air conditioning, protection, Internet.


1U server or switch

1300 ₴ / month

Network (shared)

1 Gbps

Form Factor


Power consumption, W

paid separately


* Unlimited

IPv4 address


IPv6 subnet



1-2U server or DVR

1600 ₴ / month

Network (shared)

1 Gbps

Form Factor

до 2U

Power consumption, W

paid separately


* Unlimited

IPv4 address


IPv6 subnet



1-3U Server, Tower Form Factor

1900 ₴ / month

Network (shared)

1 Gbps

Form Factor

до 3U

Power consumption, W

paid separately


* Unlimited

IPv4 address


IPv6 subnet


Electricity compensation cost

The price depends on the tariff of the electricity supplier, which changes every month. Cooling factor x2 included

Consumption W*h

Price, ₴ / month

From 30 to 90

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From 100 to 950

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From 1000 to 1500

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In the case of colocation of equipment, an official contract is concluded.

Information about the Colocation service

Benefits, features and description of the service

Colocation is a service of physical placement of the client's equipment (servers) in the provider's data center. The service includes a place in a specialized closet, uninterrupted power supply, a reserved Internet channel, cooling, fire protection and physical security. At home or in the office, it is impossible to achieve a combination of similar conditions for uninterrupted server operation.

Why use Colocation?

Colocation is used when it is necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation and round-the-clock availability of the server.

Who is better to order the Colocation service from?

Colocation service is best ordered directly from data center operators. is such an operator, the company owns two data centers in the city of Kharkiv.

Ukrnames vds

About the Ukrnames data center

Two separate data centers with a shared network

2 x 10 Gbit/s connections to individual providers

Biometric access control system

Diesel generator with autostart system

24/7 customer support service

Video surveillance, security

Modern system of N+1 air conditioning and fire extinguishing

Opportunities for customers of the Colocation service

Remote restart of the server by contacting the support service.

24/7 server monitoring with notification via SMS.

Separate data center for backups.

Possibility of remote access access to the server console via IP-KVM.

Possibility to manage PTR records.

24/7 customer support service.

Photos of the Ukrnames DC1 data center, Kharkiv

Photos of the Ukrnames DC2 data center, Kharkiv

Tariffs for crossover

Switching equipment providers inside the data center



Copper cross-connect in the data center (5 category cable)

50 ₴/month

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Optical cross-connect across the data center (per fiber)

100 ₴/month

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Colocation of passive equipment, 1U

500 ₴/month

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* - Amount of traffic without speed limit 15 Tb/month. If exceeded, the port speed is reduced to 100 Mbps until the end of the calendar month

Frequently asked questions about the Colocation service

If your data center is shelled and our equipment is damaged, will there be compensation and in what amount?

Force majeure events are beyond our liability.

What is the guaranteed uptime?

Guaranteed data center uptime of at least 99.3 percent in annual terms. We strive and work to ensure that the uptime is 100 percent.

What is the response time of technical support?

The average response time to a request is up to 30 minutes.

Do you have software tools for monitoring the SLA of my equipment?

We do not monitor customers equipment. Only the infrastructure of the data center is monitored: climate, power supply, Internet.

Are there any restrictions in network traffic to the world and Ukraine for data transfer? We use VPN, L2tp and other protocols, do you analyze client traffic?

On our side, no restrictions or analysis of customer traffic are provided and are not happening.

If you need to change the network port in the server, can you do it or do you need a specialist from our side?

At your request, we can restart the server, change the port on the server, connect to the server an IP KVM. In other cases, when intervention into the operation of the equipment is required, the presence of a representative of the client is required.

Do you have a "disaster recovery" service? Can you store my BackUp, cost?

To organize backup, we can rent a separate server in our second data center.

What is the recovery rate of data center equipment after an accident?

Almost all data center life support systems are duplicated, monitored and, if necessary, diagnosed before failure. In case of emergencies, corrective measures are taken without delay.

If necessary, how quickly can you back our equipment to us?

In peacetime, with a signed act of return - at any time.
In wartime, if there is a signed act of return - at any time, except for curfew.

What is the Tier standard of your data center?

Our data centers are built taking into account the recommendations for Tier-3 level data centers.

Which providers provide data center Internet channels, what is the speed of the backbone?

Data center connection speed 2x 10Gbps. The main providers are: Maxnet and Pitline.

What are the uninterruptible power supplies in the data center?

Data center 1 uses Legrand rack UPSs (France), data center 2 uses General Electric (USA) common UPSs.

Possibility of payment by cards, electronic money and other payment methods?

Payment for services is available through a bank payment, or by Visa, MasterCard.

Receipt of acts, invoices through electronic document management channels?

Yes, such an opportunity is provided. We work through "Medok" and "Vchasno".

Possibility of round-the-clock access and technical support including holidays and weekends?

In peacetime, in the presence of identity documents, upon prior notice at least 1 hour before the visit. In wartime, with identification documents, upon prior notice at least 1 hour before the visit - at any time, except for curfew.

Support by phone, email, personal account requests, chat on the site and in Telegram?

Support is provided through the ticket system:

DDoS protection?

Currently, for the Colocation service, DDoS protection is not provided.

Connecting USB dongles and additional devices such as antennas?

Yes, this is possible. By prior agreement, you can connect additional, standard devices to your equipment.

Availability of a backup data center for backups?

In Kharkiv, we operate two data centers. By placing the equipment in any of them - the second can be used as a backup for storing backups.

Possibility to accommodate non-standard equipment?

Non-standard equipment is not accepted for placement.

Client room, a separate room for working with equipment?

Yes, customers are provided with a room to be able to work with their equipment.

Kitchen - an opportunity to drink tea, coffee and a snack?

There is a kitchen. Tea, coffee - free of charge.

Warehouse and storage rooms?

Warehouse for temporary storage of customer equipment - not provided.

Monitoring and administration of client resources?

In general, monitoring and administration of client equipment is not performed. By agreement, we can do it.

Electricity consumption by meter or not charged?

If the client's equipment occupies a separate cabinet, electricity is charged according to the meter. In other cases, electricity is charged according to the average consumption of equipment Wh.