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Joomla is a universal open source content management system. It is well suited for creating websites of any level, from a personal site to a large online store.

Joomla Features

  • Convenient admin panel
  • Free and Paid Addons
  • Data caching system
  • Lots of ready-made design templates
  • Security system module
  • Adaptation for search engines

When ordering hosting for a year, the domain is free

When ordering hosting 5 SITES SSD or UNLIMITED SSD, for the first year, a preferential domain name registration is provided in any of the zones: укр, com.ua, kiev.ua, dp.ua, in.ua

Joomla hosting features

  • Wide set of features - cPanel
  • Refund at any time
  • Selecting a data center to host the web site
  • Quick Install SSL Certificate

Joomla web hosting control panel

Joomla Web Hosting Options

Technical data that affects how your site works

Low ping

Reliable equipment

Optimized for many CMS



Parking domains (aliases)


Server Locations

France, Poland, Germany

Control Panel


PHP support

5.6 - 8.2 (MultiPHP)

PHP memory_limit

512 Mb

CURL Support

Ability to remotely connect to MySQL


Multilingual control panel

IPv6 support

Ability to manage FTP users

SSI Support

Support CGI

Visitor statistics, logging

Email Web interface

Anti-spam protection

Maximum Concurrent RAM Usage

no more 5 %

Maximum Concurrent RAM Usage

512 Mb

Maximum duration of a query to MySQL

30 sec

Maximum number of disk operations

20 operations/sec

What is Joomla?

Strengths of Joomla for the site owner

Joomla offers flexible account management tools, an interface for managing media files, support for creating multilingual page options, an advertising campaign management system, and a user address book.

In addition, ready-made Joomla modules include: voting, built-in search, link categorization and click accounting functions, WYSIWYG editor, template system, menu support, news feed management, XML-RPC API for integration with other systems, page caching support and an extensive set of other ready-made add-ons.

Joomla is developed on PHP using the MVC architecture. You can use MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL to store information.

  • Joomla is using 1.6% all websites, which is 2.5% content management systems market.
  • For Joomla, various updates are released quite often, new modules appear, developers protect the system from hackers by closing vulnerabilities.

What does Joomla mean?

Joomla is an open source content management system written in the PHP programming language with JavaScript elements. The name "Joomla" comes from the word "Jumla", the African Swahili language, which means "all together". This is a free website content management system that allows you to make a fairly powerful website with minimal knowledge.

How to open admin panel in Joomla?

After installing the CMS, to enter the Joomla admin panel, you need to add the line “/administrator” to the site address. That is, if the address of your site is test.com, then to enter the admin panel you need to go to the address - test.com/administrator.

How to create a Joomla site from scratch?

On our hosting, installing Joomla is very simple:

  • Go to cPanel of your hosting account.
  • Find the Installatron section, and select the Joomla CMS installation.
  • Select the directory where Joomla will be installed.
  • Start setting up your site.

Which is better WordPress or Joomla?

Both CMS are similar, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. On our hosting, you can try to create a site on both WordPress and Joomla within one hosting account. It is believed that WordPress is the best choice for beginners due to the ease of use of this engine. WordPress is well suited for small to medium websites, blogs, and simple business cards. Joomla is more complex and useful for creating commercial sites, but this CMS requires basic site management skills.

What are the Joomla hosting requirements?

  • For Joomla! 4.x requires PHP - 7.2.5 and above, MySQL - 5.6 and above, PostgreSQL - 11 and above.
  • For Joomla! 3.x requires PHP - 5.3.10 and above, MySQL - 5.1 and above, PostgreSQL - 8.3.18 and above.

Does Joomla support multi-languange?

The multilingual feature is very important and is supported by CMS. Joomla speaks your language, whether you speak Ukrainian, Japanese or Farsi. If your site users speak one language and your admins speak another, you can customize the language settings to suit their needs—even for individual users.