Storage policy for shared hosting services and VDS/VPS after the expiration date

This Policy describes the Subscriber’s data storage duration after the validity period expiration of shared hosting services and/or VDS/VPS.

1. The Contractor provides services to the Subscriber within the paid period of the ordered service. After the expiration date, the service is terminated. But the Subscriber is provided with temporary data storage on the Contractor's equipment in anticipation of a possible payment that extends the service.

2. The temporary storage period of the Subscriber’s data on the Contractor’s equipment is limited to 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the date the service expires. The fee for temporary data storage between the services expiration date and the boundary date of the temporary data storage on the Contractor's servers is not charged and is not added to the amount of the renewal account.

3. When paying for renewal of shared hosting services and VDS/VPS, the new prepaid period is calculated from the date of payment.

3.2 In the event that within 14 days from the date the service expires, payment for the extension of the service was not received from the Subscriber, the data is automatically deleted from the servers.

3.3 If the payment for the extension of the service from the Subscriber has been received after 14 days from the date of expiration of the service, the Contractor checks the technical possibility of data recovery.
In the event that the possibility of data recovery is present, the Subscriber's data is restored on the same or similar server in performance.
If there is no possibility of data recovery and the Subscriber’s data cannot be restored, the Contractor provides access to a new account into which the Subscriber can re-download data from his backups.