Certum Commercial SSL

SSL certificate of domain verification with fast registration.


Price/year: 308 ₴

  • Validation - Domain
  • Issuance time - 5 minutes
  • Free Reissues - Yes
  • Warranty - 200 000 €
  • Free Site Seal - Yes
  • Browser compatibility - 99.3%
  • Secure sub-domains - No
  • Unlimited server licensing - Yes
  • Contract for Companies

  • Instant issuance
  • 24/7 support
  • Domain with www and without

Additional information about the SSL certificate

SSL certificate Certum Commercial SSL is a reliable solution to keep your website secure and protect user privacy. This certificate offers a number of benefits that will make your site a reliable and trusted source of information.

One of the main advantages of Certum Commercial SSL is its high level of data encryption. Using a strong encryption algorithm, the certificate protects the confidentiality of transmitted data between the server and clients, preventing the possibility of their interception and unauthorized access. This is especially important when transferring personal information such as bank card details or passwords.

Another benefit of Certum Commercial SSL is domain and website authentication. When a user visits your site, the certificate confirms that you are the rightful owner of the domain, which builds trust and prevents the possibility of phishing attacks or the use of fake sites.

Certum Commercial SSL subscriber is Certum, one of the world's leading providers of security certificates. Certum has a long history of providing strong website security and implementing cutting-edge encryption technologies. Their certifications are widely recognized and trusted by many websites and organizations around the world.

Registration and installation of Certum Commercial SSL is quick and easy. Users can easily purchase a certificate and go through the domain verification process. Certum offers an intuitive interface and detailed documentation to help you install an SSL certificate on your website step by step without any hassle.

With Certum Commercial SSL, your website will be securely protected and trusted by your users. By choosing a certificate from Certum, you ensure the security of your site and demonstrate that you care about user privacy.