Certum IP SSL

Certum IP SSL Certificate is modern product that protects public IPv4 addresses.

How it works -


Price/year: 760 ₴

  • Validation - IPv4 адреса
  • Issuance time - 5 minutes
  • Free Reissues - Yes
  • Warranty - 200 000 €
  • Free Site Seal - No
  • Browser compatibility - 99.3%
  • Secure sub-domains - No
  • Unlimited server licensing - No
  • Contract for Companies

  • Instant issuance
  • 24/7 support
  • Domain with www and without

Additional information about the SSL certificate

The Certum IP SSL Certificate is a highly effective IP address security solution provided by the Certum brand. Certum is a respected and trusted European digital certificate provider, widely recognized in the information security industry.

Benefits of using Certum IP SSL certificate:

  • IP Address Security: Certum IP SSL is specifically designed to provide IP address security, making it an ideal choice for servers and other devices where internal resource protection is required.
  • Trust and Reliability: Certum is a renowned brand with a long history of providing trustworthy certifications. Buyers can be sure of the quality and authenticity of the certificate.
  • IDN Support: Certum supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) to help secure sites with non-standard domain names.
  • Global acceptance: Certum IP SSL is supported by all popular web browsers and devices, ensuring interoperability across multiple platforms.

What is IP SSL and how is it different from regular SSL for a domain?

An IP SSL certificate secures a specific IP address, not a domain name. This makes it an ideal choice for protecting internal resources such as servers, routers, surveillance cameras, and other devices with IP addresses bound to them. Unlike conventional SSL certificates for domains, which provide protection for a specific domain name and all its subdomains.

Certum IP SSL registration procedure:

The average time to register a Certum IP SSL certificate is 1 business day. However, the exact time may vary depending on data verification and other factors.

Conveniences and an example of using Certum IP SSL:

SSL certificate Certum IP SSL provides a high level of security and protection of data transmitted through a specific IP address. The use case includes securing an internal server that employees can access remotely, or securing a surveillance camera to prevent unauthorized access to the video stream.

Purchasing and installing Certum IP SSL is quick and easy, providing reliable protection for your IP address and confidence in the safety of your internal resources.