Comodo Code Signing SSL

Imagine that you develop and distribute software for your company. You have purchased and installed a Sectigo Code Signing SSL certificate for your code. When users download and install your application, they are notified that the code has been signed by a trusted source - your company. This builds trust in your product and reassures users that it is secure, increasing loyalty and confidence in your company and software.

Sectigo Code Signing SSL is a digital certificate intended for software developers. This certificate will indicate to users that it is safe to download a particular software, as it really belongs to the developer and has not been altered or damaged. Thus, the certificate will help preserve the developer's reputation and intellectual property rights.

In addition to the cost of the certificate, you will need to pay for the token and its delivery

  1. Standard Shipping (USA) - $40 or Expedited Shipping (USA) - $90
  2. International Shipping - $80


Price/year: 13680 ₴

  • Instant issuance
  • 24/7 support
  • Domain with www and without

Additional information about the SSL certificate

Sectigo Code Signing SSL certificates provide a high level of security for software and application developers, allowing them to digitally sign their code efficiently. This ensures user trust in the source and the integrity of the code, which is critical to protect against malicious activities and fake programs.

Sectigo brand and rebranding with Comodo

Sectigo is a global leader in cybersecurity providing high quality SSL certificates and other solutions to secure Internet communications. Sectigo was formerly known as Comodo, but as a result of a rebranding in 2019, it changed its name to Sectigo. The rebranding was undertaken to increase brand awareness and credibility, emphasizing its prominence in the cybersecurity market.

Sectigo Code Signing SSL Buyer Benefits

  • Code security: Sectigo Code Signing SSL certificates guarantee the authenticity and genuineness of the code, allowing users to confidently install and use applications without fear of potential security risks.
  • User Trust: Sectigo's digital code signing helps build trust among users, showing that the developer is verified and their products are safe to use.
  • Origin control: Sectigo's Code Signing SSL certificates allow developers to control the signing of their code, giving them full control over their origins and preventing malicious code from being tampered with.
  • Easy Installation: Sectigo provides a simple and intuitive process for obtaining and installing Code Signing SSL certificates, reducing the time and effort required to secure code.
Code Signing SSL certificates

Code Signing SSL certificates are special types of SSL certificates designed for signing program code. They are used by developers and companies to ensure the integrity and authenticity of their applications. When a developer signs their code with a Code Signing SSL certificate, users who download this application can be sure that it is secure, as the digital signature ensures that the code has not been modified and that the source code really belongs to the developer or company.

Code Signing SSL Registration Procedure

The average time to register a Code Signing SSL certificate is about 1-3 working days. The process includes verifying the identity of the applicant, verifying that the data provided is correct, and issuing a certificate ready for use. After successful registration, you can start signing your program code and ensure its safety for users.