Comodo InstantSSL Premium

The Sectigo InstantSSL Premium SSL certificate is the perfect solution to keep your company website secure. The InstantSSL Premium certificate guarantees a high level of data encryption and user trust.

With Sectigo InstantSSL Premium, your site will have a unique digital signature that authenticates your domain and prevents possible attacks between the user and the server. Thanks to this, your customers will be sure that the information transmitted through your site is protected and reliable.

This SSL certificate is provided by the industry leader Sectigo, which guarantees its high quality and compliance with security standards. Get Sectigo InstantSSL Premium and keep your customers' data secure by building trust in your website today.


Price/year: 2730 ₴

  • Validation - Компании
  • Issuance time - 1-2 дня
  • Free Reissues - Yes
  • Warranty - 250,000$
  • Free Site Seal - Yes
  • Browser compatibility - 99.3%
  • Secure sub-domains - No
  • Unlimited server licensing - Yes
  • Contract for Companies

  • Instant issuance
  • 24/7 support
  • Domain with www and without

Additional information about the SSL certificate

Sectigo originated from the rebranding of Comodo, a leader in digital certificates and cybersecurity. The rebranding reflected the desire to expand capabilities and a clearer understanding of the company's specialization in digital solutions, including SSL certificates, website protection, electronic signature and other tools that contribute to ensuring security in the online environment.

Sectigo InstantSSL Premium provides strong protection for customer data and privacy, bringing trust and credibility to your website. It uses strong encryption to ensure the secure transmission of information between client and server, protecting against potential hackers and vulnerabilities.

This certificate has the following benefits:

  • High level of protection for customer data, including personal information, payment information and other sensitive information.
  • Visual confirmation of the reliability of the site through the padlock symbol and the green address bar in the browser.
  • Support for mobile devices, ensuring a secure experience with your site on various platforms.
  • Quick release, which allows you to secure your site as quickly as possible and start accepting secure transactions.

Sectigo InstantSSL Premium is ideal for companies, especially e-commerce companies, that collect and process users' personal data, accept online payments and need customer trust. It is also recommended for organizations that value their reputation and want to secure their web presence to build the trust of their customers and partners.