Comodo InstantSSL Pro

An InstantSSL Pro certificate will give your website a high level of trust as it is strongly authenticated and accredited. By protecting your organization with this prestigious certification, you will show visitors that you care about the security and privacy of their data.


Price/year: 2080 ₴

  • Validation - Компании
  • Issuance time - 1-2 дня
  • Free Reissues - Yes
  • Warranty - 100,000$
  • Free Site Seal - Yes
  • Browser compatibility - 99.3%
  • Secure sub-domains - No
  • Unlimited server licensing - Yes
  • Contract for Companies

  • Instant issuance
  • 24/7 support
  • Domain with www and without

Additional information about the SSL certificate

Sectigo InstantSSL Pro SSL Certificates are a trusted solution for securing your website. Sectigo is one of the world's leading providers of digital certificates and network security solutions. The brand was formerly known as Comodo, but after a successful rebranding, it became Sectigo to reflect its growing expertise and wide range of products and services.

InstantSSL Pro offers several key benefits to secure your website and data:

  • Trust and authority: Sectigo is one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in the digital certificate industry. InstantSSL Pro builds user confidence in your site by protecting data and protecting customer information.
  • High level of encryption: InstantSSL Pro certificates provide a high level of encryption, which protects the transmitted data from unauthorized access. This is especially important for online stores, financial institutions, and any site where customers interact with sensitive information.
  • Improved Search Engine Visibility: Recent updates to search engine algorithms such as Google take SSL certificates into account when ranking websites. Installing InstantSSL Pro helps improve your site's position in search results.
    • InstantSSL Pro certificates are designed for various types of sites and organizations, including:

      • Online shops and e-commerce, where payments are processed and personal data of customers is transferred.
      • Corporate web resources that require the protection of confidential information of employees and customers.
      • Blogs and news sites that strive to provide a safe and secure reader experience.

      Securing your website with Sectigo InstantSSL Pro SSL certificates not only ensures data protection, but also enhances your organization's reputation in the online world.