GoGetSSL 90-day Trial SSL

GoGetSSL 90-day Trial SSL is a basic-level SSL certificate, allowing to validate the domain name. This certificate is issued for free for 90 days. GoGetSSL Trial SSL displays padlock in browser's address bar assuring your visitors that connection is encrypted (256 bit) and their transactions are secured.

GoGetSSL Trial SSL is provided for informational purposes, without the possibility of renewal.


  • Validation - Domain
  • Issuance time - 5 minutes
  • Free Reissues - Yes
  • Warranty - 10,000$
  • Free Site Seal - Yes
  • Browser compatibility - 99.3%
  • Secure sub-domains - No
  • Unlimited server licensing - Yes
  • Contract for Companies

  • Instant issuance
  • 24/7 support
  • Domain with www and without

Additional information about the SSL certificate

GoGetSSL Free 90-day Trial SSL Certificate is a reliable solution to keep your website or online project safe and secure. The certificate is provided for 90 days, which allows you to experience all the benefits of SSL encryption before making the final decision to purchase a paid certificate. This is ideal for those who are just starting their online business or do not want to spend money on SSL right away.

GoGetSSL 90-day Trial SSL Certificate Benefits:

  • Data security: An SSL certificate secures data transmission between the user and the server. This protects your customers' sensitive data such as logins, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information from possible cyber attacks and theft.
  • Customer Trust: Displaying a green padlock and "https://" in the browser's address bar reassures users that your site is safe and secure. This increases customer confidence and helps improve the reputation of your business. Better SEO Ranking: Search engines like Google prefer sites with SSL certificates and give them a ranking advantage. Therefore, using SSL can improve your site's visibility in search results.
  • Phishing protection: SSL certificates help prevent phishing attacks, where attackers try to get sensitive information, impersonate your site and deceive users.
  • Multiple domain support: Some SSL certificates allow you to secure multiple domains at the same time, which is especially useful for companies that have multiple sites or subdomains.

Scope of GoGetSSL 90-day Trial SSL:

  • Online stores: Protecting customer payment information and building trust in online shopping.
  • Blogs and Websites: Ensuring secure transmission of data, including contact forms and news subscriptions.
  • Online portals and forums: User privacy protection, account registration and messaging.
  • Organizations and businesses: Increasing customer confidence, protecting the personal data of employees and customers.
  • Web Applications: Provide secure access and data transfer for online applications.

What free SSLs are used for:

  • Introduction: Free SSL certificates provide an opportunity to experience the benefits of SSL without having to purchase a paid certificate.
  • Testing: You can test and set up SSL encryption on your site before implementing more advanced solutions.
  • Prototyping: During the development of a site or application, free SSL certificates allow you to test the encryption.
  • Personal projects: For small or personal projects, free SSL can be a great temporary solution.

It's important to note that while free SSL certificates provide basic protection, for critical business projects and e-commerce, it's generally recommended to consider more powerful and long-term paid SSL certificate options.