Sectigo EV Code Signing SSL

Sectigo EV Code Signing SSL enhances user confidence in your software. You can lose your customers if Sectigo's SSL signature with advanced code verification was not used to sign your software. Imagine that you spent hours / months working on creating your own unique software, but the browser or Windows warn your customers and suggest not to use it. This is dramatic for any software company. EV Code Signing decides that all of this has reliable protection, and the most important feature is that your private key is physically stored on an external USB token. Sectigo EV Code Signing SSL for code is a rule that should stimulate your sales, as it brings trust, no trust, no conversions.


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Additional information about the SSL certificate
After registering the Sectigo EV Code Signing SSL certificate, the signature center independently send the USB token to the address specified during the verification procedure. The delivery cost of the USB token is included in the certificate price. Delivery is possible anywhere in the world.