Get Web Hosting: First SSD

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First SSD  1 site 2 Gb storage SSD

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Registering a new domain or using an existing one

Domain name

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+ 1 month free


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PHP 5.6-8.2

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting

Where are hosting servers located?

Web Hosting servers are located in Poland, Germany, France and Ukraine. The choice of placement location will allow you to achieve the fastest opening of the site for your visitors.

Do you do hosting backups?

Web Hosting accounts are backed up weekly, 2-3 backup versions are kept. In addition, you can set up an individual backup schedule using the cPanel control panel.

Can I create email on my domain?

Our Web Hosting provides customers with the ability to set up mail on a domain. You can set up an unlimited number of mail accounts, allocate individual quotas for each, and also get automatic settings for popular mail programs - MS Outlook, The Bat, etc. When ordering a domain and hosting from us, the system will automatically configure the domain for hosting and send you the connection parameters by email.

Do you help with the transfer of the site from another web hosting?

If you want to transfer a site from another hosting provider, please contact our support team - we will help you with the transfer and setup on our servers. The transfer of the site will be carried out at a convenient time for you. To set up a domain, use NS:,

Can I cancel hosting and get my money back?

You can cancel the hosting service at any time and return the unused balance back to the card from which the payment was made.

I'm not sure which hosting plan suits me, will it be possible to change it?

You can change the hosting plan to a higher or lower one at any time. The system will automatically recalculate the unused period and apply it to the new hosting plan. If you are not sure which tariff is right for you, choose the SSD First tariff, if it is not enough, you can change it to another one at any time.