Domain registration with Trustee Service (.asia, .de, .eu, .my, .fr)

Dear customers!

The "Center of Ukrainian Internet Names» (Ukrnames) added the ability to register names in 5 popular foreign domains - . Asia,. De,. Eu,. My,. Fr .

For all new domain zones there is a general restriction - registration is available only to residents of their region, and is not available to Ukrainians. When you register a domain Ukrnames you can use the option Trustee Service, which will provide the desired domain name is not being a resident without breaking the rules of the blast zone.

Domain registration in popular areas will protect your brand and broaden the geography of the web.

The cost of domain registration. Asia,. De,. Eu, my,. Fr online already includes the cost of Trustee Service.

The site is available for domain registration in more than 150 different locations. The registration process is fully automated.

. asia - domain zone is intended for sites Asian region. Introduced in 2000, is managed Advisory Council representatives domain zones Asian region. It is assumed that all proceeds from registrations will be directed to the development of telecommunications in Asia.

. de - national domain for Germany. By the number of registrations among the three most popular domains in the world, in competition with the domain. Com and. Cn.

. eu - domain zone is intended for sites in countries outside the European Union. Became one of the champions on the number of registrations - opening there were more than 300,000 applications. To date, more than 11 million registered domain names.

. my - national domain for Malaysia. Launched in 1987. «MY» English my, my, my, my, my, my, mine, making it an attractive domain for personal sites, blogs, online diaries.

. fr - national domain for France.