20.05 With changes in service "Delayed registration"

Dear customers!
With 20.05.2013h. in the provision of services "delayed registration" will change. Will be canceled auctions for domains that period ends, they will be introduced to replace the auctions for domain names that are registered by prior request.

The main advantage of the updated service will be no need to replenish the balance by a significant amount flowing to register domain. Thus, you do not need to participate in the auction for the domain that the system is not yet registered.

If you liked any domain registration period which expires - you have enough to submit a preliminary application to participate in the auction in the event of a successful domain registration and pay the minimum bid.

If the domain is registered successfully - to all who submitted a preliminary application will be held the auction, the first bid which will be assigned to the first participant submitted a preliminary application, the rest of the members who have made the minimum bid in filing the earlier application - funds will automatically be returned. If at the end of the auction, the first bid remain the only website - domain will be transferred to its control panel.

If you change the date of the new services, it will be informed.
All unprocessed applications are submitted between now and the date of the change - will be canceled. If necessary, return the unused funds you on request from personal cabinet.

If you have any suggestions upgraded service - please contact us at support@ukrnames.com, during development we'll consider them.