CloudFlare - a new service for customers cPanel Hosting

The "Center of Ukrainian Internet Names» (Ukrnames) has launched a new option for customers of shared hosting cPanel - CloudFlare.

CloudFlare - it is the largest content delivery network. CloudFlare servers distributed around the world and automatically cache static files sites - members of the network. When you access the site - a visitor receives files from the geographically closest server network. This approach provides a manifold increase in the speed of loading pages, allowing visitors to enjoy the sites from the comfort of the network, regardless of their location.

addition, CloudFlare system opens up new possibilities for the site:

  • protection against DDOS attacks, spam comments website, SQL-injection - the system automatically detects and blocks new network attack that allows you to protect all network sites CloudFlare;

  • can be made available for site visitors to use the IPv6 network;

  • technology "Always Online" allows visitors to display the popular web site, even if the server on which the site is not responding;

  • the ability to integrate with a variety of services .

The system provides detailed statistical reports on the visit, and also has the ability to fine-tune.

You may at any time to activate, deactivate, or set up a new option using the hosting control panel cPanel. For customers of cPanel shared hosting option Ukrnames CloudFlare is free.