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Colocation - a new service from Ukrnames

Ukrnames company has launched a new service: Colocation - a service with customers placing equipment (servers) in a data center company.

More acquainted with the characteristics fees and the cost of services on our website Ukrnames: http://ukrnames.com/eng/hosting/colocation.jsp .
I would, in turn, wanted to talk about the benefits of colocation, service features and how this service differs from other types of hosting.

Today, everyone who is connected with how "the world of high technology," knows the meaning of hosting. More recently, in everyday life there is another English term - Colocation, translated as «co-location" (Russian users call service - colocation and collocation).

Colocation, or physical hosting server client offers accommodation on a technical site hosting provider - data center. In the data center means premises for specialized server hardware with guaranteed continuity conditions hosting.

So your equipment is installed in a data center provider, and you are given complete freedom in the choice of hardware and software. Your server will be just the way you wish it to do, of course, that the resources limited to hardware specifications. This type of hosting is ideal for sites with high traffic, "heavy" resources and specialized Internet services, as well as the rate of exchange when using dedicated server increases significantly.

With the development of Internet capabilities and the emergence of new technologies developing any website is becoming more difficult to settle the resources provided by the equipment provider, and share a server with many other sites are not very comfortable. This "neighborhood" inevitably leads to deterioration of the resource. With the development of your project you are sure to come across the need more and more of disk space for storage, work that should appear on the upload speed of the site. In such cases, you should think about renting a dedicated server or buying your own.

With the development of the site, the benefits to colocation hosting virtual undeniable, but is in service and a couple of drawbacks:

First, is the need to buy and maintain their own equipment.

Second, to manage the server takes skill system administrator or a staff specialist. On the other hand, the cost of buying quickly recovered, and many hosting providers provide services to complete server administration. As stated intractable problems do not exist. Both lack the end, it's just more expensive services, and on shared hosting is very significant, but on the other hand, it is an advantage to him, as leading to a completely different level of service.

To facilitate your choice, collocation can be compared with other types of hosting:

1. Firstly, a dedicated server. This service includes equipment rental provider, you pay a monthly rent and use on your own server. The advantage of colocation is the absence of almost all the technical limitations associated with renting a server.

2. Next, a virtual private server ( VPS or VDS ). In this case, at your disposal is not the entire server, but only part of it. Sollocation has a higher degree of protection and the lack of restrictions on available resources.

3. And finally, shared hosting . Also your website on the server will be located hundreds of others all use shared resources, software and a sort of communal hosting. This is actually the most common location of service sites (more than 90% of all Internet resources). And cheap! However, compared with collocation, your website will be limited in resources, disk space, and more. Plus the speed when using a dedicated server is much higher.

Despite all the benefits of collocation, do not just run to buy a server and bring it to the data center hosting company. Choosing web hosting is primarily dependent on the needs of the site.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

If you have a small online business card or a blog then shared hosting is sufficient if the online store or portal with high traffic, you should think about the server. Consider also your financial capabilities and skills in administration!

Source: blog.ukrnames.com
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