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Changes in the domains .COM.UA

Dear customers!
From 1 April 2013. domains. COM.UA move to a new system of interaction between registrars, new features being added to the domain owners are also innovations will affect the cost of domains.

more details about innovations:

introduce a procedure for a transfer fee between registrars. The formula for calculating transfer prices (installed administration domain) equal to the price of domain registration +20%. At a transfer, the domain is extended by one year from the date of expiry of the old registration. The maximum period of registration of the domain in the zone. Com.ua is 10 years. If you transfer a domain from the domain can be exceeded by a maximum registration period (for example, prior to the current expiry date of 9 + years - domain transfer is paid, but without extending the period of registration).

for domain names in the. COM.UA canceled the use of nick-Handley UANIC. Instead of UANIC introduced EPP contacts, which can be edited at any time on our website without any written requests, as in the present the time.

Changes delete policy domains after the date of expiry. Now, if the domain is not renewed on time, the domain owner will be given 29 days prior to the possibility of "pre-emptive extended domain." If during the period of "pre-emptive renewal", he has not been extended - the domain is directed to removal. In the 30-day period after the 29 days of the date of the expiration of a domain name can recover (undelete). The cost of the domain recovery - 300 UAH. (Included in the cost of repairing the extension for one year).

Cost of registration / renewal will be changed from 63 to 69 USD / year. A transfer from another registrar - 83 UAH.

Ukrnames offers fully automated control system domains, which allows you to manage domain names, change contact information, DNS, manage the domain host (glue records), the proxy contacts (hiding data) in real time. In addition, for the owners of domain names available for free option: Managed DNS, Email-forwarding, Web-forwarding.

Hurry to register / renew your domain at the old price, or make a free domain transfer in Ukrnames !
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