Domain Registration, in Cyrillic (updated)

C 22 July 2010 introduced the possibility of registering Cyrillic domains (IDN) in the zones.,.

Previously called the date of July 1, but due to the wishes of the Registrar, the opening date has been moved.

Apply for registration will be from 22.07.2010 00:00:01 Moscow time on the website of "Center of Internet names of Ukraine."

By registering domain names are available that contain characters Ukrainian and Russian alphabets.

Domain registration is performed automatically - from the moment of payment applications before registration takes less than a few seconds.

Recall now the company "Center of Ukrainian Internet Names" provides an opportunity to register IDN domains in the areas of:. Com,. Net, name,. Tv,. Cc,. Su, tel,.,. RBM. Blog .

Center for Internet names Ukraine ( - ICANN-Accredited registrar of domain names, the official domain registrar UA, as well as the first organization in Ukraine, which has launched the registration of domain names in Cyrillic.