Registration of Cyrillic domains in the Eastern Ukrainian domain areas

The "Center of Internet names Ukraine" opened up the possibility of registering domain names in Cyrillic in the areas of,,,,,,,

Procedure for registration of Cyrillic domains are determined Registration Schedule IDN-domains ( The peculiarity of this Regulation shall be the point on the characters of which must consist of a domain name: "To prevent phishing, IDN-domain in Cyrillic (record in Unicode) must contain at least one unique character (visually distinguishable from the letters and numbers)." Thus, a number of domains will not be available for registration.

The introduction of Cyrillic,,,,,,, due to the increasing popularity of domain names in the national languages​​. There is no doubt that the new domains will be needed in the popular Ukrainian regional domain areas.

Registration is open to all without restriction and priorities.
The cost of registering a name in Cyrillic East Ukrainian domain areas: 63 hryvnia per year.