Telegram-bot @domainhelper_bot will help track domains


Dear customers!

UKRNAMES has opened a Telegram bot for free use - @domainhelper_bot .

The new Telegram bot can keep track of the expiration dates of domains and SSL certificates. Using the Telegram bot is @domainhelper_bot convenient, especially when you have to keep track of multiple domains or SSL certificates all the time. Assuming that some of your domains are served through other registrars - this adds to the inconvenience, because each of the registrars has its own format, time and language of messages. And sometimes, some important messages may end up in your mailbox's SPAM filters.

For these reasons, we developed @domainhelper_bot. First for personal use, and now for public access. Telegram bot @domainhelper_bot has no restrictions on domain registrars or the number of domains - you can track those domains for which you wish. Also, among the bot settings, you can choose the language of the message, the time and time zone when the reminder should be sent and the period before the end date for which the reminder should be sent.

Individual reminder settings can be set for each individual domain or SSL certificate.

We wish you a pleasant use, and look forward to your feedback and wishes to make Bot better.

Be healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Detailed instructions for using the new bot can be found here: