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    • Kharkov: +380(57)no skype addon782-03-86
    • Life: +380(93)no skype addon605-60-06
    • MTS: +380(99)no skype addon429-60-06
    • Kyivstar: +380(96)no skype addon912-60-06
    • Finance: +380(57)no skype addon762-61-23, +380(99)no skype addon300-00-51 (пн-пт, 10:00-17:00)
  • Russia: +7(499)no skype addon404-05-72
    • USA: +1(646)no skype addon810-86-61
    • United Kingdom: +44(20)no skype addon3298-41-31 ext. 84851
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    • Kazakhstan: +7(727)no skype addon341-41-55 ext. 84851
    • Israel: +972(2)no skype addon569-50-85 ext. 84851

Selecting the location - a new option of shared hosting

Dear customers!

The "Center of Ukrainian Internet Names» (Ukrnames) has introduced a new option for virtual hosting customers - "Selecting the location."

The option "Select location" - can at any time choose a data center placement of your site.

By placing the site closer to its visitors - the work you do with it is more convenient and faster. If you have complaints about the stability or speed of access to the current data-centers - you can always "soft", with no downtime to move the website to a server in another location. At the same time, web hosting control panel will remain similar to the previous location of the server, the domain itself continues to serve previous cluster DNS servers.

Available virtual hosting two locations: DC "Will" (Kiev), DC "ITL" (Kharkiv). In the near future will also be available in the location of foreign data centers.

Transfer site to another location - a free service. Select a location server can be in the order of shared hosting. In addition to selecting locations hosting server, Ukrnames allows you to choose web hosting control panel: cPanel, ISPManager or DirectAdmin.

See the rates can be hosted here: http://ukrnames.com/eng/hosting/tariffs.jsp .
Free to try hosting the work is possible here:
http://ukrnames.com/eng/hosting/hosting_test.jsp .
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