Action: My domain served by Ukrnames!

On April 24, 2013 to July 24, 2013 Internet Center Company Names Ukraine (Ukrnames) announces the campaign "My domain served by Ukrnames!"

During the campaign you have the ability to transfer a domain service Ukrnames discount -20% and get a chance to win a valuable gift *.

Shifting domains in our company, you get a first-hand domain, as Ukrnames is the official registrar. UA domain. Also at your disposal comfortable private office, which is the ability to fully manage the domain. Everything is automated, if necessary, can turn the clock technical support most convenient way. Through the phone, via online chat, via email.

Domain area involved in the action:
- /
- /
- /
- /
- /
- /

in a private office you can easily perform the following operations:
- Change of contact details
- Secure by locking in domain transfers and push;
- Ability avtopodovzhennya;
- Access to the site "Buy Domain";
- Rush domain to another;
- Continuation of the domain in two clicks;
- Free DNS server with full control;
- Free Email-forward - redirect mail from your domain to the specified mailbox;
- Free Web-forward - redirect to the domain (site);
- Free proxy contacts management - the ability to hide personal data in the WHOIS.
- Free SMS ifnormirovanie.

Among the clients who have made transfers between shares will be held raffle internet tablet Asus Google Nexus 7 .

* - The action is open to residents of Ukraine just over 18 years.

Transfer is the extension of the registration period of one year to the current expiry date of your domain.

The formula for calculating orders won in our offer:
Here select the line "Unique hosts:" column "yesterday" and divide the number by 85 (we only point) number that came out is beneficial service code if this request meets subject to the action. If not, the next number is taken by the formula x 1 or (x-1)
Unique hosts: yesterday = 30388991
divided by 85
30 388 991/85 = 357517.5411764706 take only places, so get a service code = 357517