Backorder - a new service from Ukrnames

The company continues Ukrnames development in Ukraine the world's best traditions of secondary market domains by launching a new service for webmasters and domainers - Backorder domains.

Backorder - a service that allows you to register domain names after their removal, in other words, domains are of any search rankings and indices or Beautiful exempt domains. Service Backorder often by people who are professionally engaged in earnings on the Internet - such as the resale of domains, website, domain portfolio collectibles.

key advantage of the new service from Ukrnames - customer pays only for the successfully-registered domains. Under the terms Backorder, enough to pay a minimum advance payment for the application for registration. In case of more than one application - all participants (except the first) is automatically included prepaid return. Participants create a private auction, the first of which is the minimum rate of advance for the service Backorder the first participant.

In the secondary market are released every day thousands of domain names, including, domains, representing any value to domainers, usually no more than several dozen. At the same time, the market for Backorder operates numerous registrars. As a result, domeynera had both ordered the same domain at different sites, spending a lot of money, while none of the services can not give 100% guarantee for domain registration, because the competition is developed.

approach with a minimum threshold of entry for service order allows domeynera solve several problems:
- Apply to more interesting domains him;
- Do not freeze a lot of money for a service not provided by the registrar;
- Making an application for registration in more services provide services Backorder;
- Once registered interest domains - choose those that are most valuable in the case of the auction - to pay a fair price, thus obtaining for themselves about the market price of a domain;

Service is available in the public domain:. Com,. Net,. Org,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. uzhgorod. ua,.,.,.

We wish you successful registration!