Changes in the cost of services: The administration of the .com domain is increasing tariffs from September 1


Dear customers!

With the coming autumn, an important change is expected in the domain market: the administration of the .com domain has announced an increase in the cost of services from September 1 this year. This means that registration, renewal and transfer of .com domain names will become slightly more expensive for users.

According to official information, price policy changes are related to a number of factors, including technical improvement and infrastructure expansion. The administration emphasizes that the increase in prices will ensure even greater reliability and efficiency of customer service.

It is also worth noting that next year, from February 1, 2024, another price change is planned. .net domains will follow a path of increasing value, and according to the announcement, the average increase will be approximately 15 percent of the current price. This decision is related to the dynamic development of the global Internet community and the need to ensure the stable and stable operation of domain systems.

Please note that such regular changes are standard practice in the field of domain names and contribute to the development and improvement of the Internet infrastructure in general. We recommend that all interested parties take these changes into account when planning to register or renew domain names.

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