Samara 2010: Mіzhnarodna konferentsіya admіnіstratorіv i reєstratorіv

3rd International Conference administrators and registrars of domain names top-level

From 7 to 10 September in the Samara region will be the third international conference administrators and registrars of top-level domains of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe.

The conference is organized by the Coordination Center for TLD RU, with the participation of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, ICANN and the Russian domain name registrar, LLC "Ragtime."

It is expected that the conference will visit at least 100 participants from 25 countries. Among the guests - representatives of national registries and registrars recognized by international experts and representatives of international organizations - ICANN, CENTR, WIPO etc.

The company « Center of Internet names Ukraine » - ICANN-accredited domain name registrar also invited to take part in the conference.

The 2010 is marked by the beginning of multilingual domains - IDN. The process of introduction of non-Latin domain is not only national, but also of global significance, and influences the development of the network as a whole. As never become topical issues of successful and effective cooperation between all actors at global, regional and national levels.

Recall, Ukraine was among the first countries involved in the process FastTrack (the process of introducing multilingual domains), and November 16, 2009, filed an application for a domain name. RBM. At present, the application for registration of the domain. RBM is pending ICANN (the International Organization controlling issues related to domain names, IP-addresses, and other aspects of the functioning of the Internet.) In support of the introduction of the domain. RBM has been created online resource where anyone can add your vote for the new domain.

The purpose of the conference - the involvement in the discussion of issues related to the Internet, leading registrars of different national top-level domains and the organization of interaction of registries and registrars of domain names in different countries. These issues are particularly important now, when the rapidly developing national network segments. The conference will discuss promising areas of network development, management and technical coordination of the Internet. In addition, will discuss the distribution of the address space, the latest trends in the field of network security, opportunities for enhanced international cooperation, as well as current issues of the world market of domain names - the marketing and promotion of national domains, auction domains, multilingual domains and legal aspects domain industry.