From September 1, changes in the regulations for registration of mirror domains OD.UA - ODESA.UA - ODESSA.UA and MK.UA - NIKOLAEV.UA - MYKOLAIV.UA


Dear customers!

Starting from September 1, new mirroring rules will apply for domains OD.UA - ODESA.UA - ODESSA.UA and MK.UA - NIKOLAEV.UA - MYKOLAIV.UA. The changes are aimed at ensuring more efficient and convenient domain registration and take into account the specifics of these domain zones.

How it will work:

  • If the registrant already has the sport.ODESA.UA domain, the registry automatically reserves sport.ODESSA.UA and sport.OD.UA. At any time, the registrant can register one of these mirror domains for himself.
  • Mirror domains are automatically released and deregistered according to their own date.
  • After removing a mirror domain, the reserve for the remaining mirror domains remains. This enables the client to register a free mirror domain as desired.
  • When transferring a domain, it will also be necessary to separately apply for the transfer of each mirror domain. If within 5 days of the first submission of one of the transfer applications, the rest are not submitted, all transfer applications will be canceled. After submitting applications for all mirror domains, they will be processed within 5 days.

These changes are designed to simplify and improve the domain registration and management process for all users. Please pay attention to the new conditions when planning to register or manage domains in the above zones.