WHOIS service update


Dear customers!

For your convenience, we have made the service for obtaining information about domains more informative - WHOIS.

WHOIS is a TCP-based network protocol commonly used to obtain information about domains, IP addresses, domain registrars, domain owner contact information.

Domain name information is now provided, in a user-friendly way. Important data is grouped and allows you to get the most frequently requested information in one click.

The new WHOIS supports over 400 domain zones, including new GTLDs and various country domains (ccTLDs). Using the new WHOIS, you can get information about registration date, last update, domain expiration date, domain statuses (with a detailed description of each), contacts of the registrar maintaining the domain, as well as contacts of the registrant - the owner of the domain.

In addition to the processed information, the resulting page provides raw WHOIS content.

You can check your domain information on the WHOIS page:https://www.ukrnames.com/whois/