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SSL Certificates  
Price for 12 months
Ukrnames Trial SSL More
Ukrnames Domain SSL More
225 ₴
Ukrnames UCC/SAN SSL More
1800 ₴
Ukrnames Wildcard SSL Certificate More
2250 ₴

Ukrnames is the first Ukrainian company that, in partnership with Comodo, releasing SSL certificates under its own brand (White Label). We offer reasonable prices for the most popular entry-level SSL certificate checking domain (subdomains).

What is the advantage of SSL certificates Ukrnames?

  • Low prices for certificates;
  • Quick listing for 5 minutes;
  • It does not require submission of documents;
  • Compatibility with 99.3 percent of the browser.

Secure https connection

In the last couple of years, more and more sites began to use SSL certificates, which is very cool. The presence of an SSL certificate on a site says about its verification (Domain Validation), and the connection with the site runs a secure protocol https. These criteria are important for the site, said the search engine Google, and brought them into the ranking algorithm. Since the presence of an SSL certificate offers advantages over other sites in the search results.

Reasonable prices on SSL certificates

We made their certificates available for each user to the SSL prices certificates Ukrnames lower than others, but for those who still thinks to use an SSL certificate for your website or not, we suggest you try a free Ukrnames Trial SSL for 3 months to assess the benefits .

Fast delivery of SSL certificates

For certificates with domain verification is not required to provide the documents, after confirmation of payment and to make the data of the certificate (CSR request) - SSL certificate is ready to use within 5 minutes!