Регистрация домена .DE

DE - Currently the second most popular ccTLD in terms of registrations, after .CN is the first. The DE domain ranks third after COM and CN among all TLDs. There are over 16,000,000 registered names in the DE domain.

DE Domain

The DE domain control panel allows you to change domain contacts, configure NS, create Glue Records, renew a domain. If the domain zone is not properly configured in DNS before submitting the registration order, the domain will be registered without any name servers. On the site denic.de, you can check the domain and its DNS for correct DNS settings . You can determine that a DE domain has DNS problems using whois. For a domain with correctly configured DNS - Status: connect, for a problem domain - Status: failed

You can buy a DE domain for up to 10 years. An order to renew a DE domain registration must be submitted no later than 5 days before the registration expiration date. If this is not done, the domain will be automatically deleted and the status will change to redemptionPeriod (duration 30 days). Restoring a DE domain from redemptionPeriod is possible, the price of restoration is 120 euros (1 year extension included). Check with our support team for the possibility of restoring a DE domain.

DE domain benefits

  • Many free to register, beautiful domains;
  • Good indexing by search engines;
  • Ideal for resources of various topics;
  • The domain name is familiar and equally easy to hear by site visitors.

More information about the DE domain

Domain Information Value
Registration (12 months) 833 ₴
Renewal (12 months) 833 ₴
Transfer (with registration renewal for 12 months) 833 ₴
Minimum registration period 12 months
Maximum registration period 120 months
Boundary period of renewal payment before the expiration date, days  (If the payment for domain renewal was received after the stated period, domain won't be able to be renewed) 3
IDN registration No
Minimal domain length, symbols. 3
Maximal domain length, symbols. 63

Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Registration

When do you need to register a domain?

It is better to register a domain in advance, before the start of website development. It may take a long time to develop and populate a new website, but the domain will already be reserved for you.

Who should register a domain?

Domain registration must be taken seriously. Registering a domain is like buying real estate. - It is always best to interact directly with the registrar.

If the domain is registered for an organization:

  • The registration and control of domain renewal should be carried out by an employee who has this task is part of the function.
  • Required that the domain and account on the registrar's website must be registered in the name companies. Sometimes employees register domains in their own name, and in case of dismissal they try to assign domain.
  • Do not entrust domain registration to programmers who develop a website for you - they can situations similar to those described in the previous paragraph.

What can not be done when registering a domain?

  • While using a domain, you may not transfer access or control of the domain to third parties, in including site developers or representatives of your hosting provider. Any domain settings you can do it yourself, through the control panel on the registrar's website. if you have difficulties with setting up a domain - contact our support, they will always help you.
  • You must not register a domain or account for fictitious or inaccurate data. Invalid contact information may be the reason for the denial of service or blocking of the domain in any time.

Who should oversee domain renewal?

The registrant (owner) of the domain must monitor the renewal of the domain. 60, 45, 30, 15, 10, 7, 1 days before the expiration date, we send periodic reminders about the need to renew the domain to the contact Email specified during registration. Keep in mind that reminders may not be delivered or end up in your Spam folder, so check your spam folder from time to time so you don't miss an important reminder.

We also recommend using alternative reminder tools, for example: telegram bot @domainhelper_bot.

When do you need to renew your domain registration?

It is better to renew your domain registration in advance, without waiting for reminders to renew. Renewing your domain early will save you money as domains get more expensive year after year. Early renewal will allow you not to worry about the fact that you need to renew the domain if the expiration date falls on a weekend or holiday. The unused domain registration period is retained upon renewal.

What are the restrictions on domain transfer?

Domain transfer restrictions can be technical or administrative. Technical - the domain has expired, or its status does not allow for a transfer in accordance with the registry rules. Administrative - less than 60 days have passed since the previous transfer or change of the domain owner, or there is some restriction of the competent authority or the Court regarding the domain name.

Are domain registration services subject to sanctions?

Yes, they do. Each domain zone administrator is a registered legal entity of the country where he operates. If the government decides to impose sanctions on another country, territory, etc., the domain zone administrator will most likely join the enforcement of sanctions. In other words, if you live in a territory subject to sanctions, you do not need to register domains in the zone where the Administrator is a resident of the country that imposed sanctions.