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VDS based on KVM virtualization (Ukraine)

VM4-KVM 4 CPU / 6144 Mb RAM / 60000 Mb SSD / 1 IPv4

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Frequently Asked Questions about VDS

Where are the VDS nodes located?

The nodes on which VDS work are located in our data centers in the city of Kharkov (Ukraine).

How to order additional IP to VDS?

When ordering VDS, you need to select the subnet from which the main IP for the server will be issued. Once VDS is installed, you can order additional IP addresses through the service management menu. IP addresses are issued from Ukrainian IPv4 blocks of our company.

Who does the VDS setup?

VDS is provided by a "clean" operating system, without any additional software. You perform further configuration, installation, reinstallation yourself. If you have any difficulties with the setup, please contact our support team, we will try to help you.

What ports are blocked on VDS?

We do not block ports on VDS. If you need to close any port, this configuration can be done inside the virtual server.

How do you feel about email newsletters?

We treat emails (spam) negatively. When complaints are received, if they are not resolved or are repeated, the virtual server will be disabled.

How often are VDS backups made?

We make VDS backups once a week. These backups are necessary in case of emergencies. If you need to make more frequent backups, this is configured on the virtual server itself.