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    • Life: +380(93)no skype addon605-60-06
    • MTS: +380(99)no skype addon429-60-06
    • Kyivstar: +380(96)no skype addon912-60-06
  • Russia: +7(499)no skype addon404-05-72
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VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Features VPS-1 VPS-2 VPS-3 VPS-4
Processor, Mhz 1x1000 1x2.500 2x2.500 3x2.500
Guaranteed RAM memory, MB 512 1024 1536 2048
Disk (RAID 10), GB 10 15 20 30
IP addresses 1 1 1 1
Traffic, Gb Unlimited
Control panel
Administration Basic Basic Basic Basic
Free test 5 days 5 days 5 days 5 days
134 UAH/month 200 UAH/month 299 UAH/month 433 UAH/month

What is VPS?

    VPS(A Virtual Private Server) — is a type of web hosting, which is about renting a Virual Server within one physical server. VPS hosting is based on Open VZ technology, which allows a server to have multiple VPSs, each one operating as a separate system.
    By ordering a VPS you get a guaranteed amount of system resources in accordance with tariff plan and independent Operating System. These allows you to install/customize OS, to create your own versions of the libraries. You have all administration rights for VPS and complete root-access. VPS hosting has simple and clear control system: you can choose ISPmanager, DirectAdmin, etc.

For which sites?

    VPS OpenVZ is the best variant for heavy traffic websites, websites with high security and individual system requirements.
    We offer different tariff plans on VPS in order you could find the necessary VPS configuration for your website. If the need to increase the amount of resources rise, you'll be able to do that without reconfiguring the system.

Advantages of VPS server

  • Guaranteed server resources and disk space.
  • Better performance and reliability.
  • Flexibility in system configuration.

Preinstalled software of VPS servers

  • centos-5-x86
  • centos-5-x86_64
  • centos-6-x86
  • centos-6-x86_64
  • centos-7-x86
  • centos-7-x86_64
  • debian-6.0-x86
  • debian-6.0-x86_64
  • debian-7.0-x86
  • debian-6.0-x86_64
  • ubuntu-12.04-x86
  • ubuntu-12.04-x86_64
  • ubuntu-14.04-x86
  • ubuntu-14.04-x86_64

IP to test ping and trace to the VDS / VPS server from desired networks:
File to test the speed of downloading: 100Mb
* - CPU frequency - up to 3.000 Mhz, depending on the configuration of VDS server (node).

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