Virtual Server Administration Regulation

This Virtual Server Administration Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”) describes the procedure for providing services for installing and configuring software on virtual servers (hereinafter referred to as the “Servers”) of our subscribers.

General provisions

Server administration services are a free addition to server rental services based on UNIX systems, provided at the subscriber's request. Work within the framework of server administration is performed only for current distributions, the period of official support for which has not expired.

The expected response time for administrative requests is 45 minutes. During this time, the request will be guaranteed to be considered and accepted for processing.

The time of an administration request depends on the complexity of the task and on the presence of a request queue. All administration requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requests for server administration are accepted through the form in the personal account, or through a request from the contact Email to At the same time, it is not allowed to make any adjustment in parallel.

If the subscriber intends to cancel the order for administration - this should be done through a request from the contact Email to before receiving notification of acceptance of the request in work.

List of free server administration services

  • installing/reinstalling and operating system
  • updating the operating system
  • installation of the control panel (cPanel, ISPManager, VestaCP and others)
  • installation of basic services and modules for them (apache, php, ftp, mysql and others)
  • help with troubleshooting core services
  • adjustments to the configuration files of services and the operating system
  • configuring backup to a server located in any of the data centers. No further monitoring.
  • access password reset, firewall setup (not DDoS protection)
  • server optimization
  • website transfer from another hosting provider (only by providing a backup archive)
  • server restart
  • installation of other software, by agreement
  • installing and updating a commercial SSL certificate

List of services NOT PERFORMED as part of free server administration

  • installing and configuring malicious or hacked software
  • installation and configuration of VPN, Jabber, Proxy, SIP telephony, game servers, chat bots, CRM systems (Bitrix and others), GUI for Linux
  • Issuing/Renewing Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • installation and configuration of monitoring systems
  • checking the server for vulnerabilities and viruses
  • Installing and configuring specific software that goes beyond the format of using a server, except for hosting a resource.

Risk Notice
When administering the server, there is a risk of damage or irretrievable loss of information or server settings. For this reason, when sending a request for administration, the subscriber must make sure that he has a backup copy of important information.

Before starting the administration work, the service employee will make an additional backup copy of the server, which will be kept for 3 days after the work is completed. During this time, the subscriber has the opportunity to apply for a backup copy, or request a rollback to the state of the server before the start of work. If such an appeal did not occur within 3 days after the completion of the work, the services are considered fully completed - the additional backup is deleted.

Administration request denied
The processing of a request for administration may be denied in the following cases:
  • in case of non-compliance with the terms of this Regulation
  • there is no technical possibility to administer according to employees, administration is impossible, may be destructive or take an excessive amount of time (more than 3 hours)
  • The request contains requirements that may lead to a change in the standard functioning of systems (individual templates or web server settings), as this may lead to unforeseen consequences and cannot guarantee correct and stable operation of the server in the future.
  • request contains a request to install or configure unlicensed software
  • request for consultations on web design, web programming, website development, application software usage.