Ukrainian experts have raised a question about the ICANN apostrophe in Ukrainian domain names

Currently, the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN ) carried out to develop rules and guidelines for the introduction of new programs IDN gTLD (international TLDs level).

The working group on the Cyrillic domains include two experts from the company Ukrnames .

In the discussions in ICANN, we raised the question, which is very important for the future of Ukrainian domain, namely the use of the apostrophe in Ukrainian domain names.

The apostrophe is a very important symbol in the Ukrainian language - a large percentage of Ukrainian words contains an apostrophe. However, the symbol that is commonly used to denote apostrophe (single quote in English keyboard layout) is prohibited for use in domain names.

For English, it is not as critical, although there too incidents, such as words and can't cant, obviously, represent very different things. But, apparently, the English part of humanity is ready to put up with it.

For the Ukrainian language apostrophe is a more important part, if the English - is a punctuation mark, the Ukrainian - it is rather a letter, often used. After all, even if you take the writing of numbers from 0 to 9, in two of them a single quote. For those who do not speak the Ukrainian language, but speak Russian, the apostrophe in Ukrainian language is like a character in a Russian firm.

Given that the character U +0027 (single quote or apostrophe in Latin), according to standards, is prohibited for use in domain names, when applying for a domain. RBM Ukrainian Network Information Center ( USITS ) has been selected character U +02 BC (MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE), which meets the standards of the Internet and could theoretically be used as an apostrophe in Ukrainian domain names. Reservation of the character under the apostrophe is a good solution, and we think that it deserves the support of the Ukrainian Internet community. It is important to lay the foundation for full use of the Ukrainian language in the Ukrainian domain names because now be determined by how Ukrainian Internet for decades to come.

The Unicode standard states that this symbol is a letter in many alphabets. Despite the fact that this character is not contrary to the standards of the Internet, ICANN is not keen on the idea. After all, at one time, they abandoned the use of the apostrophe in English domain names. But we believe that the Ukrainian language is not artificially impose restrictions that appear natural technical limitations 20 years ago.

Fortunately, technology is now well allows the use of such a character and we will continue to insist on such a possibility, because without the use of the apostrophe is no longer Ukrainian language Ukrainian language and, therefore, full of domain names in their native language we do not get.

On the one hand, ICANN is committed to keep pace with technical realities, but on the other hand, psychologically difficult to give up the "apparent natural" limits, even though they are no longer little or no sense. Now, when going through a development of guidelines and standards, just a good time to abandon these restrictions and we are pleased to be able to defend the interests of the Ukrainian Internet community in global online processes.

Links to discussions on the apostrophe in the working group ICANN: