PUNYCODE converter
  • Kiev: +380(44)no skype addon300-25-66
    • Kharkov: +380(57)no skype addon780-03-86
    • Life: +380(93)no skype addon605-60-06
    • MTS: +380(99)no skype addon429-60-06
    • Kyivstar: +380(96)no skype addon912-60-06
    • Finance: +380(57)no skype addon762-61-23, +380(99)no skype addon300-00-51 (пн-пт, 10:00-17:00)
  • Russia: +7(499)no skype addon404-05-72
    • USA: +1(646)no skype addon810-86-61
    • United Kingdom: +44(20)no skype addon3298-41-31 ext. 84851
    • Lithuania: +370(5)no skype addon259-61-71 ext. 84851
    • Latvia: +371(67)no skype addon88-15-29 ext. 84851
    • Kazakhstan: +7(727)no skype addon341-41-55 ext. 84851
    • Israel: +972(2)no skype addon569-50-85 ext. 84851

New features lists of expired domain

The "Center of Ukrainian Internet Names» (Ukrnames) has added new options provided when ordering expired domain list in the zones .Com.ua and .Kiev. ua .

Now, besides the indicators PageRank, TIC, the presence of Yandex.Catalog, lists of expired domain contain information about the history of the main page header (title) and the IP-address of the old site.

Added ability to search for expired domain on the history of the main title page, which will select domains on topics of interest (for example, the keyword "auto" will find all expiring domains in the headlines sites, which previously included the word "auto"). Story headings main page currently updated by the first data available lists for 30 days.

To date, Ukrnames has the full database of expiring domains in .Com.ua (155477 domains) and .Kiev.ua (42416 domains) , service to provide such detail Information about expiring domains in Ukrainian regions - the only one in the internet.

For domains expiring in the next 30 days, the total PageRank is 1087, the total TIC - 18975.

lists expiring domain names in the zones .COM.UA and .KIEV.UA granted for a period of 2 (FREE), 5, 10 , 15, 20, 30 days.

Lists of expiring domain names in. Com.ua and. Kiev.ua updated in real time depending on the status of the domain name (domain names are published only with the status of the HOLD-SINCE) and upload statistics.

Order the registration of a domain of interest from the list of possible through the service « Backorder (Delayed registration) ». The service automatically selects the optimum time to register and immediately after the release of a domain name to send an application for registration, which at times will increase your chances to have time to register the domain first.
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