PUNYCODE converter
  • Kiev: +380(44)no skype addon300-25-66
    • Kharkov: +380(57)no skype addon782-03-86
    • Life: +380(93)no skype addon605-60-06
    • MTS: +380(99)no skype addon429-60-06
    • Kyivstar: +380(96)no skype addon912-60-06
    • Finance: +380(57)no skype addon762-61-23, +380(99)no skype addon300-00-51 (пн-пт, 10:00-17:00)
  • Russia: +7(499)no skype addon404-05-72
    • USA: +1(646)no skype addon810-86-61
    • United Kingdom: +44(20)no skype addon3298-41-31 ext. 84851
    • Lithuania: +370(5)no skype addon259-61-71 ext. 84851
    • Latvia: +371(67)no skype addon88-15-29 ext. 84851
    • Kazakhstan: +7(727)no skype addon341-41-55 ext. 84851
    • Israel: +972(2)no skype addon569-50-85 ext. 84851

Update tariffs hosting and VPS Servers OpenVZ

C April 12 "Center for Internet name of Ukraine» (Ukrnames) updated tariff plans hosting and VPS servers OpenVZ .

Now, for the same money in the service includes much more system resources.

For tariff plans OpenVZ VPS Servers increased volume of guaranteed RAM. Buying a VPS server at your disposal the flexibility and individuality of a dedicated server at the price of shared hosting. Thanks to technology OpenVZ, you can not depend on neighbors and server software can be configured to fit your needs.

If necessary, you can always change the amount of system resources and the performance of a virtual dedicated server without the need to reconfigure or reinstall the operating system.

OpenVZ VPS server running on a platform SuperMicro hardware, high-performance RAID and included in the Ukrainian traffic exchange point: UA-IX and KH-IX.

For Hosting plans to more than double the volume of disk space. Server hosting optimized for popular CMS-systems: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, PHPbb, SMF, 1C Bitrix, Magento, OS Commerce and others that can be installed on any of the plans in a single click, using the free option - Installatron.

Hosting server running functional and convenient system - CPANEL . You can create mailboxes, upload files, create a database, as well as dozens of other useful options. For all tariffs hosting free domain name and site builder .

If you have not decided on a hosting or VPS server for your project - we offer a free to try services from the "Center Internet name of Ukraine." For a free 5-day trial usage, please contact support Ukrneyms ( https://support.ukrnames.com ).

All customers who already use the server hosting or VPS OpenVZ, free of charge transferred to the new rates.
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