Ukrnames became a member of the working group on ICANN new TLD Cyrillic

In the near future, the Internet will be many new root domain (TLD). In addition to traditional TLD in the Latin alphabet, it is expected that many applications will be filed in the domains of the national languages ​​(IDN).

ICANN understands that carry out the necessary work for each, a separate group of languages ​​of the future IDN is not an easy task, so in April 2011, it was announced the formation of working groups, language groups (Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Indian and Latin), which will deal with issues related to the delegation of new domains IDN TLDs. Experts working groups will be to work on solutions that provide delegation of multilingual domain names corresponding to the interests of the world community. The working groups comprised of experts in the field of local language and culture, DNS Security, Stability and processes the registration of domain names.

The working group Cyrillic domains as experts included staff of Center for Internet names Ukraine (Ukrnames).

Selecting employees Ukrnames as experts working groups is not random. Ukrnames is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, has extensive experience working with Cyrillic domains, in addition, Ukrnames constantly takes an active part in the activities of the various bodies of ICANN.