Action - «iPad2 other!"

The "Center of Ukrainian Internet Names» (Ukrnames) announces the start of the action «iPad2 for each other!". The main prize - -art tablet Apple iPad2 + Wi-Fi .

To become a party to the action «iPad2 for each other!" Enough to place information about the campaign on his page on his Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Moi Mir@Mail.Ru or personal blog, or add this page to friends Ukrnames in Facebook , Twitter or FaceBook and make a link to a page hosted or on his profile on the social network to your personal account on the site

With the successful introduction of the first link on a page in a social network with information about the campaign, the balance of the participant in the system, will be credited with a guaranteed bonus - 10 hryvnia . Bonus can be used to pay for Ukrnames. For each successful insertion of a reference, the participant will be charged a chance to win Apple iPad2 + Wi-Fi .

More links - more chances to win!

Place information about the campaign «iPad2 other!" On his page on the social network, you can use the special keys on the proposed site http://ipad2.ukrnames . com / .

To take part in the action can be up to 15 July 2011. Raffle grand prize will be held from 15 to 20 July, by a random selection of likely participants.

Familiarize yourself with the rules and to take part in the event, please visit .