Start registration of Cyrillic domains in .КОМ.РФ, .НЕТ.РФ, .ОРГ.РФ

The "Center of Ukrainian Internet Names» (Ukrnames) launched the registration of Cyrillic domain names in.КОМ.РФ, .НЕТ.РФ, .ОРГ.РФ.

.КОМ.РФ, .НЕТ.РФ, .ОРГ.РФ эthat new domains, registration of which was made available immediately after the successful launch of registrations. Federation. Recall just three days of check-in. Russian Federation there were more than 350,000 new names, thus entering the 20 largest European domains. Without a doubt, this figure would have been much higher if there was no restriction on the registration only to citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation.

For domains .КОМ.РФ, .НЕТ.РФ, .ОРГ.РФ are less stringent requirements for persons wishing to register - registration is available to everyone, without restrictions. This will allow companies and individuals who are not residents of the Russian Federation to register Cyrillic domain name and a website to show a wide audience of Internet users in Russia.

Domains in the zone .КОМ.РФ designed for sites of commercial organizations in the region .НЕТ.РФ intended for sites related to online services, and domains in the zone .ОРГ.РФ - for-profit resource. Maintaining the continuity of the domain. Russian Federation, on the domains in .КОМ.РФ, .НЕТ.РФ, .ОРГ.РФ extends stop-list of the Coordinating Center for domains. Federation.

To register available names containing characters from the Cyrillic alphabet. Domains in .КОМ.РФ, .НЕТ.РФ, .ОРГ.РФ work without the need to install additional software.

The cost of registering a domain name in .КОМ.РФ, .НЕТ.РФ, .ОРГ.РФ - 51 USD / year.