Whitepay is a new way of paying with cryptocurrencies on the website ukrnames.com


Dear customers! We are working to make ukrnames.com services more convenient for you. That is why the possibility to pay for the company's services using cryptocurrency was added.

Technical integration is provided by the Whitepay cryptoprocessing platform, which is part of the largest European crypto exchange - WhiteBIT.

In order to pay for ukrnames.com services using digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether, you can use the Whitepay service. Thanks to it, owners of electronic wallets can pay for purchases quickly and conveniently, without hidden fees and without double conversion.

Whitepay provides the ability to make transfers from any crypto-wallet, as well as with WhiteBIT Pay. This is a simplified process for clients of the WhiteBIT exchange. There are over 140 digital assets available for payment.

Fees vary depending on the chosen blockchain network where the transfer will take place and are displayed on the payment page. Yes, when paying for a purchase using Tether (USDT) on the TRC-20 network, a flat fee of 1 USDT will be charged regardless of the purchase amount. The final amount of the transfer and the current exchange rate will be displayed before confirming the payment.

The payment process is fully automated - you receive a ready-to-use service within a few minutes after payment. Control of the security of payments is provided by WhiteBIT.

The new WhiteBIT payment method is available to all customers with a verified phone number.

How to pay for a purchase on the website via Whitepay

In order to use digital assets to pay for a purchase, you must:

  • Select the desired service and go to the payment page.
  • Among the proposed payment methods, select "Payment via Whitepay".
  • Find the desired asset in the list if the payment is via WhiteBIT Pay.
  • The system will automatically display the transfer amount in the selected currency and exchange rate. Next, you need to scan the QR code using the code scanner in the WhiteBIT application and confirm the payment.

In order to pay for the product from another wallet, you need to specify the digital asset and the network in to whom the payment will be made. After that, scan the QR code using the code scanner in the e-wallet or copy the wallet address manually and confirm the payment.

After successful payment, the system generates a receipt with data about the transfer: transaction hash, amount and exchange rate.

Advantages of payment through Whitepay

  • Time saving due to no need to convert digital assets into state currency.
  • No need to agree transactions for large amounts with the bank .
  • High speed of transactions regardless of the size of the transfer.
  • Transparent fixed fees and their absence for clients of the WhiteBIT exchange.