Protection of contact details of owners Ukrainian domains

Since January 1, 2011 came into effect Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data ". Pursuant to the Act, domain administrators .UA, .COM.UA, .KIEV.UA, .DP.UA, .DNEPROPETROVSK.UA, .KHARKOV.UA, .KH.UA, .LG.UA, .LUGANSK.UA, DN.UA, .DONETSK.UA, .ZP.UA, .ZAPORIZHZE.UA shut down public access to information about individuals contained in the records of nick-handle.

Now, when accessing data nick-handle individual information is displayed:

nic-handle: NMF-UANIC
remark: Whois privacy protection service
mnt-by: NONE
source: UANIC

When you send email-message to the address specified in the contact information of the nick-handle, it is forwarded to a real email-address in the nick-handle at registration. For new records nick-handle, and when the e-mail field in the existing nick-handle, updated address will be held for one hour.

These changes in the format of the public presentation of information related to the fact that the law prohibits the transfer to third parties the personal data of individuals without their consent. In accordance with the requirements of the Act, the form of a response to a request to the service WHOIS will not contain personal data of individuals. This does not affect the contact details of legal persons, that is, those whose records are used in the field of organization.

In order to open the contact details of your nick-handle will need to send a written request, the request form will be published in the near future.