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After paying for the order, you will need to fill out a CSR request for the actual registration of the SSL Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying SSL

What is an SSL certificate for?

An SSL certificate is required to securely transfer data, verify ownership of a domain, prevent hackers from creating a fake version of a site, and ensure user trust.

Is it possible to order SSL for several years?

SSL-Certificate can be ordered only for 1 year. Registration period limitation applies to all subscribers.

If I pay for an SSL renewal, what are my next steps?

When renewing an SSL certificate, you will need to fill out a new CSR request (you can use the old CSR), confirm receipt of the certificate, and also renew the certificate on your server.

Is it possible to order a renewal of another type of SSL but of the same vendor?

In fact, it will be a new SSL Certificate. In this case, the unused period of the previous SSL certificate will not be taken into account in the total SSL registration period.

What are the types of SSL Certificates?

Today, an SSL Certificate is an integral part of any website. In addition to protection features data transmission, SSL is necessary for SEO website promotion.

There are many types of SSL Certificates:

  • Domain SSL is an entry-level certificate. Registered instantly, after checking the domain. Fits for almost any website.
  • Wildcard SSL is a certificate protected by an unlimited number of sub-domains. Convenient to use in as a single certificate when your website has services on sub-domains, for example: mail, ftp, sip, etc.
  • Multi-Domain SSL (SAN) – a certificate that allows you to secure different domains. This type of certificate it is convenient to apply when your project works on domains in different domain zones, for example: for clients from Ukraine - .UA, for clients from other countries - .COM
  • Extended Validation (EV) – maximum trust level certificates with company validation. Previously, this type of certificates was displayed in the address bar of browsers as a green line (now in many browsers have removed this display). A website visitor with an EV certificate can see information about the legal entity that owns the site.
  • Code Signing SSL - signs the application code. Used by developers to publish applications in markets (app store, play market and others).