Terms and Conditions for registration of SSL certificates

Public Offer Agreement on the provision of service of SSL Certificates registration

This Public Offer Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions of service provision by the Service of SSL Certificates registration (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”). This agreement is public offer agreement and has full force and effect.

Full and unconditional acceptance of terms and conditions of the Agreement is the fact that the Subscriber has paid for the services of the Contractor. By using the services, person that registers SSL Certificate(s) (hereinafter referred to as the “Subscriber”) agrees to all terms, restrictions and other conditions of cooperation set forth herein at the time of service provision.

By accepting this Agreement, the Subscriber confirms that:

  • according to his/her information, neither the registration of SSL Certificate nor its using do not violate intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • contact information provided when registering an SSL Certificate is accurate and current;
  • SSL Certificate will not be used for unlawful purposes, fishing and other types of fraud.

1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. The Contractor shall provide the Subscriber with services on terms and conditions that are the subject hereof.

1.2. Terms and abbreviations used in this agreement:

  • SSL Certificate - individual digital signature of a domain name.
  • Registration of an SSL Certificates - signature by a trusted CA.

2. Description of the services

2.1. Service of registration of SSL Certificates is a service that by means of the Web interface and specialized hardware and software provides the following services on behalf of its customers:

  • Registration of SSL Certificates.

2.2. The services are provided to the Subscribers who have access to the Internet and installed software to work with web-based interface hereunder.

3. Fees and payments

3.1. The payment for the services is presented in national currency in accordance with the rates set at the time when the services are provided.

3.2. In case of non payment or late payment, the Contractor shall have the right to terminate / suspend the service and shall not be responsible for the possible consequences of such a decision / action.

3.3. By making payment, the Subscriber shall indicate in the payment document the payment reference exactly as billed.

3.4. If paid SSL Certificate can not be registered / renewed for Contractor-independent reasons, the Subscriber may use this money for payment of other services. Also, the amount paid may be refunded to the Subscriber any available at that time method less and except commission payment system in the form of money transfer.

4. Registration obligations of the Subscriber, password and security

4.1. For use of the Contractor's service, the Subscriber agrees to provide true, accurate and full information to the extent that is necessary to provide the services. The Subscriber shall be liable to update this information to keep it current.

4.2. The information provided by the Subscriber, if necessary, may be displayed in open sources.

4.3. The provision of inaccurate contact information or failure to provide such information on request may serve as a ground for suspension of registration.

4.4. The Subscriber shall be fully responsible for the security of his/her login and password, and for everything done on the website of the Contractor under the Subscriber's login and password. The Subscriber agrees that he shall be liable to inform the Contractor immediately about any case of unauthorized use of the Subscriber's login or password, or about any security violation. The Subscriber also agrees that he/she signs off under his password (Button “Exit”) after each session with the Contractor's service by himself/herself. The Contractor shall be not liable for possible losses that may occur due to the Subscriber's violation of this part of a clause hereof.

4.5. The terms and conditions of this Agreement are compulsory for all Subscribers of the Service of SSL Certificate registration.

4.6. THE SUBSCRIBER UNDERTAKES to indemnify and hold the Contractor, corresponding Certificate Authorities, as well as all the officials, managers and employees of these companies and organizations harmless from any claims, damages, liabilities, losses and expenses including reasonable attorney's fees and expenses resulting from or related to the services provided by the Contractor hereunder.

5. Non-commercial use

The Subscriber agrees not to reproduce, reduplicate, copy, sell or resell, and not to use for any commercial purposes any Service components, services or access to them, unless it is expressly permitted by the Contractor. The Contractor shall not be liable for any agreements between the Subscriber and third parties.

6. Provision of services

6.1. The Contractor shall act in the interests of its customers and shall be committed to providing only high-quality services. In case of a dispute between the Contractor and the Subscriber, as well as with the participation of third parties, we shall take all legal and ethical measures to protect the legal and ethical interests of our customer.

6.2. The Contractor shall not guarantee an unconditional fulfillment of the order. All services shall be provided on an 'as is' basis. Involved technical systems may include not identified technical errors, which may result in the inability to fulfill the order or its late performance. In addition, the inability of the order fulfillment or its late performance may result in human factor or force majeure, caused by social and natural disasters (wars, fires, floods, revolutions, the actions of the government, etc.).

6.3. In case of failure to fulfill the assumed obligations by the reasons mentioned above (except for force majeure), the Contractor shall be liable to the amounts received from customers as payment for services.

6.4. The Contractor shall not be financially liable and can not be financially liable under any circumstances  beyond the range of the amounts received from the Subscriber as payment for the services.

6.5. The Contractor shall not be liable in the case of force majeure.

6.6. The Contractor reserves the right to discontinue the provision of the service to the Subscriber WITHOUT refund in the following cases:

  • the systematic violation of the generally accepted rules of network etiquette (publishing of materials containing ethnic/inter-religious discord and materials about trade of arms, drugs, etc.);
  • malicious acts (hacking, attack, etc.) aimed at unauthorized change of the standard order of the Contractor's server performance or at service discredit;
  • in case of a court decision, as well as in other cases stipulated by the current legislation;
  • in case the contact information, provided by the customer in accordance with paragraph 4.1 upon duly completed request of the competent authorities, shall not be able to allow to identify the Subscriber of an SSL Certificate, as well as in cases of contact information inaccuracy.

6.7. In the case the Contractor's DNS are used for domain name as IP-addresses, by default, the IP-addresses of the Contractor with the setting on the Contractor's service web page are presented in DNS configuration.

7. Responsibilities before third parties

The Contractor shall not be responsible for using SSL Certificates registered with its help, as well as for content of materials on websites with such SSL Certificates.

8. Changes and additions

This Agreement shall not be final and can be changed and added. All Customers shall be notified about changes by email or by special message posted on the home page of the website in terms no later than in 30 (thirty) days before the changes come into effect.

9. General

9.1. All claims, requests, questions and any other correspondence should be sent to the email address info@ukrnames.com, except as otherwise provided by an additional agreement between the Contractor and the Subscriber.

9.2. The Agreement is a legal agreement between the Contractor and the Subscriber and regulates the Subscriber's use of the Service of SSL Certificate registration.

9.3. In case any provision of this Agreement is found by a court to be invalid or unenforceable, the same shall not affect the other provisions hereof to be invalid or unenforceable.

9.4. In case of a breach of provisions by the Subscriber or any other users, inaction on the part of the Contractor shall not disable it to take actions in protection of its interests later.

10. Order of claims and disputes

For the resolution of disputes arising between the Contractor and the Subscriber in the result of the use of the Service, the following complaint procedure shall be applied:

  • The Subscriber, considering his/her rights and interests to be violated by the actions of the Contractor, shall send a claim to the Contractor to info@ukrnames.com email address.
  • The Contractor can set out its position on the issues of the claim and send the reply to stated in the claim email address within 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of claim.
  • In case of the failure of dispute resolution by means of complaint procedure, dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the Agreement.
  • Anonymous claims or those preventing to identify the user on the base of provided registration data shall be dismissed.
  • The owner of the Service reserves the right to make the final decision on the claim.

11. Innovations in the legislation

In case of the adoption of legal regulations of the authorities that affect the performance of the Service of SSL Certificate registration and support entirely or partially, the Contractor reserves the right to any changes in the performance of the Service, aimed at bringing the Service in accordance with the new regulations.