SSL сертификаты Certum

SSL Certificates  
Price for 12 months
Certum Commercial SSL More
210 ₴
Certum IP SSL More
570 ₴
Certum Commercial Multi-Domain (UCC/SAN) SSL More
585 ₴
Certum Trusted SSL (OV) More
900 ₴
Certum Commercial SSL Wildcard More
2400 ₴
Certum Trusted Multi-Domain SSL UCC/SAN (OV) More
2508 ₴
Certum Trusted SSL Wildcard (OV) More
2850 ₴
CERTUM Premium EV SSL More
3480 ₴
Certum Standard Code Signing More
4170 ₴
Certum Commercial Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL More
6900 ₴
7500 ₴
Certum Trusted Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL (OV) More
8418 ₴

CERTUM – polish Certification Authority that was set up on December 15, 1998 as an organizational unit of Unizeto Technologies SA. It is the oldest and the largest public certification authority in Poland, operating on a worldwide scale. The clients include companies and individuals all over the world.

The company is located in Szczecin. In 2002 CERTUM was entered by the Minister of Economy into the register of qualified entities providing certification services, kept by the National Certification Center ( As the only Polish certification authority, it has been on the list of trustworthy certification authorities since 2002, with seals for all services connected with electronic signature: WebTrust seal for qualified services and certificates, WebTrust seal for standard services and certificates (non-qualified), and as of January 2010, also WebTrust Extended Validation seal for EV SSl certificates.

Ukrnames is the official provider of SSL certificate registration services in Ukraine. The process of CERTUM SSL registration is automated, which allows you to get a certificate for your site in minutes for DV certificates, and as soon as possible.

The key feature of CERTUM SSL certificates is the possibility to order SAN names for all types of SSL.