Alex Ptashnyy: "I ​​wish that domain .УКР earned as soon as possible "

The recently re-sounded nearly forgotten media topic of the national domain .УКР. As news of the workshop, which was held in Gosinformanuki, and was dedicated to the coordination of actions to manage the domain space, accusations were made against Ukrainian Network Information Center (USITS) - an organization that has filed an application for a domain name. According to some participants, work on implementation of the domain is too slow.

His vision of the situation around the creation of Ukrainian national Cyrillic domain blitz-interview said Alexei Ptashniy, President of the "Center of Internet names in Ukraine", which, at the time, was one of the catalysts for the beginning of active work in this direction.

- Why delay the process of getting a domain?

- I would not exaggerate, because the process of obtaining the domain consists of several stages: the documentary check, expertise and linguistic validation, delegation. The transition to the next stage is only possible after the passing of the previous stage. Ukrainian domain is now at the stage of the delegation. This stage also consists of several stages. This is a test of technical viability (qualified personnel, the availability of software and hardware, system requirements WHOISi DNS, backups, etc.), preparation IANAotcheta on the domain to the Board of Directors of ICANN, and then obtain a positive decision of the Board of Directors of ICANN, approved by the State Department USA, and finally, making the data in the root DNS server.

- How long does it take a step of delegating?

- There is no clear time frame. In my experience working with ICANNya convinced that ICANN - a very large bureaucratic organization. Access to the information there is very clearly regulated, find out something quite difficult. In this case, all constructed in such a way that they present claims and impose conditions - not. They may consider the application a week, month or year. Forecasts give very difficult. By the way, this approach to business ICANN has drawn criticism from many countries.

- What is the experience of other countries?

- Experience the most different - in Kazakhstan this last stage took 5 months, Serbia - 2 months, from Malaysia - 9 months.

- Why Russia got its domain so quickly?

- Compare Russia and Ukraine is not quite correct. In Russia, like in the Soviet Union - the party said: "We must" - the Young Communist League said: "There is." That is, someone at the very top of the strongly decided, the rest can only perform. As for us - how many people, so many opinions. Even the name "УКР" has caused a lot of controversy and contradictions. In my opinion, the Russian and Ukrainian approaches have their pros and cons. In particular, one of the advantages of the Russian approach is the speed of implementation.

In addition, there are a number of reasons, such as the one that Ukrainian domain intended as an alternative domain. UA. That is another area, another administrator, the other marketing, other prices. This, in my view, very well as generates a competition. Only when there is competition can achieve a quality product. On the other hand, for the vast majority of other countries - the administrator IDNdomena is the same entity as the primary domain administrator, it certainly reduces the number of required inspections by ICANN and therefore reduces the period of consideration.

There is another factor: as you probably know, now ICANNprovodit work on the introduction of new gTLD. Thousands of applications filed and ICANN, its probably spends significant resources for their consideration. Perhaps it affects the timing of the application by Ukrainian domain.

- In other words, you do not agree with the criticism of the USITS?

- Criticizing is easy. Personally, I too would like to see domain earned as soon as possible. But I would not want to sacrifice the quality of the domain USITS the sake of speed of its receipt. In the end, it is necessary to pass the entire process to the end, with all the formal procedures in order to get a quality and competitive product that will be able to give the domain name market new impetus. And it's not a very easy way.